Talking with Tania Joyce by Michelle Beesley

November 8, 2016

On first meeting  the glamorous Tania Joyce  you feel like she has just stepped out of the pages of one of her novels…Sparkles- check, Killer heels – check , Immaculate make up- check . Yet this savvy marketing professional , journalist, wife  and mother of two young sons has earned her stripes in the writing world and has just published her third book ’  ‘ Distractions’.

I had a blast talking to this beautiful and bubbly author at ‘ The Letter Lounge’, Red Hill.

About Tania

Tania is not one of those people who has always had a burning passion to write.” In my family it was all about getting a good career. I wasn’t one of those kids who had to write all the time, “ she says.

Tania went to university at USQ and lived on campus in Toowoomba where  she earned her degree before venturing out into the corporate world. “ I was very career driven before I had the kids. I worked in marketing, journalism and the world of IT.”

It was only after having her sons  that the maternal instinct kicked in. “ I wanted to stay home more with my boys and only work part time if I could. “

Voices in her Head

It was about this time that a story began to form in her head.  The loveable Troy who features in two of Tania’s books began to emerge first. “ I felt I had to write it down or go crazy .There was so much going on in my head all the time and the story was constantly evolving.”

Tania began to write and says, “ I guess in my everyday  work I had been doing things creatively all along. I plotted out my first book and just wrote whenever I could. I then had the novel professionally edited and was ready to pitch.”

Tania pitched at the ‘ Romance Writer’s of Australia Conference‘ and was lucky enough to be signed by Pan MacMillan for their Momentum line. She was signed for her first book  ‘ Propositions ‘ in 2014.

Tania’s Books

Tania’s first two books ‘ Propositions’ 2015   and ‘ Acquisitions’ 2016  are set in the corporate world and tell the story of strong minded,  career driven women who know what they want . There are glittering parties, exotic locations and of course , the different  men who vie for their affections.

Her latest book ‘ Distractions’  is  a stand alone story set in a college. “ It tells the story of Cameron and Wylie and is a coming of age book. Wylie is a scholarship girl who meets bad boy Cameron. It’s about that last year of Uni where you are figuring out who you are and wondering in which direction your life will go, “ explains Tania.

Tania used her experience of living on campus at Toowoomba and her old photos from the day to provide a setting and remind her of her own coming of age .” I kept hearing that song November Rain in my head. It reminded me of my own college romances ,  about being worried about your grades and not knowing what was going to happen next in your life. There are pranks, difficulties relating to parents, romance and heady passion, as well as a fall from grace. Wylie tries to fight her growing attraction for Cameron so there is a lot of tension initially, “ says Tania.

On Writing

Tania enjoys reading contemporary romance and new adult novels. “ I believe it’s best to stick to what you know as an author. I set my first two novels in the corporate world as that’s what I know. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot,  both with work and personally,  so I like to write about places I’ve been to . You get more of the real atmosphere if you’ve been to places and you can convey this to your reader.”

Tania also says you must pursue writing first as a passion and hobby, “ It’s hard work and there are no guarantees you will ever be published. You should always be learning and perfecting your craft by talking with other writers , doing workshops and constantly educating yourself . “

What’s next for Tania?

Tania is now working on a new series set in New York. “ I was lucky enough to go there about two years ago and a girlfriend and I explored the whole upmarket Soho and Tribeca area. There are lots of hidden settings like beautiful hidden parks, out of the way restaurants and cafes filled with locals . “ The series has the working title ‘ Made in New York”and will delve into the lives of a rockstar, a Broadway actor and the heady world of fashion.

I tell Tania that  I loved her books and characters but there was a lot of sex. She laughs and says” I have even had to cut out some of the sex scenes,  as there was just one too many sometimes.”

For now it’s  off to pick up the boys, kick off those killer heels and enjoy a nice glass of Shiraz.

I’m sure there’ll be a glamorous party for Tania tomorrow night, after a busy day at AFL  with the boys. I hope her busy life doesn’t drive her to ‘ Distractions ‘.

Tania’s books can be purchased online or from

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