Tasmania Has Just Made History

March 23, 2018

Tasmania has become the first Australian state to have a female-majority parliament. Thirteen women and twelve men have been elected to the House Of Assembly as counting is finalised in the state election which was held on March 3.

Election analyst Kevin Bonham said it was a significant moment in Tasmanian and Australian politics.

“That’s the first majority female parliament of any state in Australia, the second majority parliament in Australia after the ACT which got one after its 2016 election,” he said.

“It’s been quite a rapid step up in Tasmania because at the last election there were nine women elected and that was an improvement.

“Since then there’s been another two that have come in on recounts during the middle of term.

“At this election there’s been a big turnover in female representation, it looks like three defeated, one retired and six new women elected.”

Jenny Morris, from the group Women for Election, is celebrating the outcome.

“I need to come to Tasmania now to see what they’re doing and how they’ve managed to achieve that,” she said.

“This could become a fabulous case study, If it can be done in Tasmania it can be done elsewhere.

“It’s absolutely thrilling.

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