From Tears of Emotion To Tears Of Laughter  

March 16, 2017

We had one of the best weekends filled with many mixed emotions. Firstly, we were honored to be invited to the exclusive private screening of the Australian thriller ReFraction which was held at New Farm Cinemas.

It is a short film created by Kaushik Das and Mirko Grillini, and filmed locally on Stradbroke Island. It has set a new benchmark or powerful ethnically diverse films coming out of Australia, and brings a beautiful fusion of cultures together.

Amongst the crowd at the premier event were many of the actors and other cast members as well as other representatives in the film & entertainment industry.

This short film ReFraction follows Jay Cooper, a successful Brisbane lawyer, raised by foster parents from the young age of eleven. As a child, the authorities separated him from his mother, after she killed his brother in a freak accident.

Jay returns to his native homeland to bury his estranged mother whom he had not seen for the last thirty years, when an unexpected turn of events finds him hostage to a mad knife-wielding stranger.

The unlikely duo embark on a dangerous journey of redemption that could lead them both to their eventual demise.

The Director Mirko Grillini did an amazing job bringing to the screen a beautiful love story with a twist, a sentiment of love dedicated to this lands first people and those yet to come.

The casting was outstanding with Heath Bergersen, Kaushik Das, Kaleenah Edwards absolutely shining in their roles.  

The film also received endorsement from the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) and Minister Leeanne Enoch, who is the first ever Indigenous woman elected to the Queensland Parliament.

There was support from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Redland City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

The community at large could see the compelling humanitarian message underlying the film and the support was overwhelming. Eventcepts were also a major contributor for the screening to take place.

With audiences hungrier than ever for stories that feed the soul, this film will start important conversations and we can see this being extremely successful in the upcoming local and international film festivals commencing in May 2017.

We wish the Director Mirko Grillini, his wife Amanda & the entire cast and crew every bit of success as we feel will be coming their way over the coming months.

Following the premier, we then headed off for more laughs, as we were absolutely thrilled to get more tickets to The Comedy Festival to see one of our favourite Dave Hughes Deluded show at The Brisbane Powerhouse.

Dave has still got it and is one of Australia’s most popular and successful stand-up comedians often referred to a “a typical Aussie bloke.” He is one of the hottest comedy acts touring nationally and internationally right now and had the entire audience in stitches for the full hour of his show.

The Brisbane Comedy Festival is being held until 28th March with over 66 comedians, don’t miss out book your night of laughs at The Brisbane Powerhouse NOW!!!

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