The Circus of Illusion 

April 15, 2021


When my boys were young they loved magic.They were always after the latest magic kits and trying to master the art of illusion. In London the magic kit from Hamley’s provided them with hours of fun. I remember my eldest standing on Wimbledon train station entertaining little ones going past on trains with the fake thumb trick. The children’s faces showed pure delight as the trains rolled away and they tried to get the attention of their Mums pointing and laughing out of the windows.This memory is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. 

SheSociety were recently delighted to be invited to the razzle dazzle of the Circus of Illusion where circus and illusion fused into a whimsical show of wonders. We were treated to breathtaking illusions from the Gold Coast’s Michael Boyd and his lovely assistant Lauren. We gasped at the aerial acts, the contortionists and acrobats, were swept away by the beautiful sparkling dancers and couldn’t believe the quick changes from world acclaimed couple Soul Mystique.

Our world renowned ringmaster, Ebon Grayman ( former New York Cirque Du Soleil) took centre stage as our host for the evening introducing ever more breathtaking acts.There was the locked box where audience members caught a beach ball and yelled their favourite activity, city and celebrity. How did these names appear in a locked box high above the stage? Only Michael Boyd knows. 

Michael Boyd , who you might remember from Australia’s Got Talent, vanished from a box then reappeared behind us in the audience, he was impaled on a sword and cut a lady in half. These illusions and many more had us puzzling and laughing out loud as he also added some humorous moments. I loved watching the levitating acts and the wonder of the children in the audience and their laughs and gasps of joy was a true highlight for me. This was school holiday fun at its finest. Michael said his grandfather was a magician and he still performs levitations using his grandfather’s special magic table. 

SheSociety Columnists, Nanny Babe and I, were invited to meet with the talented performers post show. We spoke to contortionist and acrobat, Xarina, who told me that she hails from Belarus and is from a family of circus performers. You will not believe that the human body can move like hers and her balancing act was breathtaking. She is only 15 years old! 

Gold Coast magician and illusionist, Journey, entertained us with some slight of hand coin tricks and although he was right in front of us we could not figure out how it was done. It was terrific seeing these talented performers back on stage doing what they love. 

The dancers dazzled and the aerialists spinning on ribbons high above soared with grace and beauty. One of the highlights was Soul Mystique, this astounding dance and quick change act have dazzled audiences the world over and  been voted one of the World’s Top 10 Magic Acts. Gavin Skinner and Lydia Lim know how to entertain and with ever more elaborate costumes being quick changed you don’t dare blink lest you miss something. 

Only three performances are scheduled at the Concert Hall at QPAC on 11 and 12 April, but the beauty and colour was mesmerising , as were the talented performers. If you have a chance to head along to a live performance it is the best form of fun. It will remind you of your child like wonder and have you scratching your head in puzzlement and wondering, ‘How did they do that?‘ long after the show has finished. 

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