The Invention Saving Motorbiking Families

October 15, 2018

If you are (willingly or not) in a motorbike riding family you will understand the pains of storing multiple motorbikes. Growing up, my father and brother were both keen motorbike riders, and I was constantly tip-toeing around the garage in fear of starting a very expensive game of dominos.

There was also the struggle of having to coach my brother out of his room and away from his Xbox, to move his bike so I could get to the things I needed in the garage. Sometimes I was tempted to get in there and move it myself, but always decided against it in case I dropped his pride and joy. I would never hear the end of it.  

Scrolling the internet the other day, I came across an Australian invention that would have saved many arguments back in the day.

Dynamoto is a motorbike stand that allows multi-directional movement of your bike with ease. The design also holds the bike in a stable, upright position for compact and safe storage.

Not only is it extremely therapeutic to watch, but it is also making waves in the US and Taiwan market already. Developed by three Brisbane motorcycle enthusiasts, the Dynamoto stand is one-of-a-kind and the design is patented in Australia and the US.

What caught my eye about this stand, is the fact that it solves a genuine problem for many motorbike families, where there are often multiple bikes stored. Having the ability to quickly adjust the position of a bike, and knowing that it will not topple over in the process makes things so much easier. It is also something that anyone can use, making adjusting heavy road-bikes easy for the user- and more importantly (some may think) the bike.

With Christmas around the corner ladies, I would be looking into a Dynamoto stand for your motorbike crazed, partner, son or daughter. Not only would reduce their time repositioning and wrestling with their bike in the garage, but it would also be a low-key gift for yourself. Less grey hairs from the stress, less time wasted getting someone else to move the bike for you and guaranteed safety for yourself and the bike.

Although the price may seem like a large upfront payment, in reality if you factor in the cost of repairing a dropped bike, Dynamoto is really and investment to keeping the bike safe.

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