The Siren Song of Lorelei

March 9, 2021


As the Aldi ad would say, Opera Queensland’s seductive new production Lorelei is “Good Different”.

In fact, it is “Very Good and Very Different”.

No grand operatic stage designs, which can change from scene to scene, and no soaring male voices singing in Italian.  

The seductive new opera cabaret, currently at the QPAC Concert Hall, stars the exceptional voices of just three enchanting women who barely move from their original stage position for 75 minutes, capturing the audience (and unwitting mariners) with a mixture of music from tango to pop to latin as they tell the story of the Lorelei, three sirens of song who sit atop the cliffs, singing sailors to their watery graves.

In this modern interpretation of the myth, when the Lorelei fell from the cliff, she was split into three – Lorelei A, B and C who all embody a different version of her story.

Moral dilemmas arise however for our irresistible sirens: Are they tiring of singing sailors to their deaths? 

Do they really deserve to die? The boundary-breaking Lorelei with some startling lyrics, some of which would not be out of place at a loading wharf, was conceived by Helpmann Award-winner and ARIA nominee Ali McGregor (Lorelei B) who wanted to reimagine the ancient myth for a modern audience.

The costumes the Lorelei wear are stunning in their design and colour and the sheer joy of the stars who fill them is breathtaking. It fun. Go and try it. You won’t be disappointed. 

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