The Trip To Spain

July 27, 2017

Sunshine, sangria, siestas, señoritas and sardines – all of this and more are to be found in the latest Michael Winterbottom directed film- ‘A Trip to Spain’. Following on from ‘The Trip’ and ‘The Trip to Italy’ this latest hilarious instalment sees the two stars, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, on the road again in Spain. They visit six places enjoying six delicious meals highlighting the diverse flavours of Spain, the magnificent countryside and invite us to share in their laugh out loud humour and powerful mimicry.

The Trip

Steve and Rob are reunited to write travel and cultural articles for ‘The Observer’ and ‘ The New York Times’. Steve even has plans to write a book, after all he is an Oscar nominated writer. Leaving Britain they wend their way from the North Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast- visiting Cantabria, the Basque region, Aragon, Ricia, Castile La Mancha and ending in Andalucia.

Along the way we learn that Steve who has just turned 50 is still chasing love and still basking in the after effects of the hit movie ‘Philomena’. One of the ongoing jokes is how many times he can mention – Judi Dench – the film’s star.

Rob meanwhile has his own problems. He has just had another child and worries he’ll be too old to do things with his kids. The scene in the dinosaur park is very funny. His career is going from strength to strength whilst Steve’s career has appeared to stall despite all the accolades.

‘The Trip to Spain’ is ultimately a road trip film , showing friends sharing wonderful Spanish meals along the way. It’s full of the star’s wonderful impersonations from Roger Moore to Sean Connery and Mick Jagger through to iconic legend David Bowie.The audience was laughing out loud through most of the movie which is probably the funniest of the three trip movies.

For a taste of Spain, its magnificent food, breathtaking scenery and unique culture you will really enjoy this hilarious film. ‘The Trip to Spain’ will be in cinemas August 3. And yes, they have left the door open for a fourth trip film!

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