Three-time Olympian Lisa Curry Launches ‘Happy Skin by Lisa Curry’

December 17, 2021

Three-time Olympian, Lisa Curry and her company Happy Healthy You have launched ‘Happy Skin by Lisa Curry’.

After years of training in the pool and sun, Lisa’s skin suffered and it took waking up one morning and seeing a wrinkle, did she decide to make a range that is perfect for all ages and skin types.

Happy Skin by Lisa Curry is a four-step skincare routine consisting of an antioxidant hydrating cream, antioxidant cleanser, collagen boosting serum and exfoliating mask.

The range also comes with the brand’s unique Optimal Skin Guide – a guide designed by Happy Healthy You’s team of naturopaths and nutritionists to aid skin health from the inside including a 7-day meal plan using scientifically identified ingredients designed to improve skin.

Happy Healthy You has also shared some tips on how you can have a naughty and nice celebration without guilt.

Happy Healthy You’s in-house food expert and nutritionist, Rachel Enright (B.H.Sc. Nut Med), said trying to maintain a strict diet during the holidays can be more damaging than the actual foods and drinks. She shares her top four ways to have a guilt-free holiday celebration.

1. Set realistic goals

“Always try and be realistic when setting your health goals, especially over the holiday period,” said Rachel.

“It can be tempting to start a new program or detox in preparation for the holidays, but with so many events and personal commitments, it’s easy to fall off track and that can often damage your confidence.

“Instead, try re-programming your thoughts to being positive and indulge more in self-care.  Minimising negative self-talk can reduce stress and emotional eating, which can help with maintaining healthy weight goals.”

2. Find healthy holiday treats you love and share with others

“Part of the joy of Christmas celebrations is sharing food with your loved ones,” Rachel said.

“Don’t be afraid to offer to bring a plate to help you adhere to your own food choices. You can also do the same with alcohol by offering to take some kombucha, alcohol-free wine or beer, or flavoured mineral water.”

3. Balance is key

“Try to stick to the 75/25 rule, 75 per cent healthy food choices and 25 per cent stress-free eating. My biggest tip is to have something healthy to eat before any event. Try using a small plate to become more aware of portions.”

4. Control what you can and forget about what you can’t

“Spontaneous fun is healthier than unrealistic goals but balance this with self-care by ensuring you move daily, stay hydrated and get your eight hours of rest to help balance out the negative impacts of unhealthy foods and alcohol.”

For more information on Happy Healthy You or to book a consultation with the team or Rachel, visit the website:

Happy Healthy You is an Australian-based health and lifestyle company, established by Olympian, Lisa Curry and Naturopath, Author and Women’s Hormone Specialist, Jeff Butterworth, to provide Australian women with information and natural alternatives to
hormonal imbalance.