The Tipping Point Movement You Should All Know About

January 10, 2018

Through some form or another, we’re sure you’ve come across the phenomenal Time’s Up Movement. Founded at the start of this year, it has become the topic on everyone’s minds and hearts as seen by the support at the Golden Globes a few days ago.

If you’re still a little unsure on what the movement is, then read on, we can guarantee that you’ll want to be involved by the time you finish.

The Time’s Up Movement fights against sexual harassment, an issue that has become way too apparent, with the Weinstein effect and the #MeToo movement.

According to the Time’s Up website, it is a “unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere. From movie sets to farm fields to boardrooms alike, we envision nationwide leadership that reflects the world in which we live.”

“No more silence. No more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse.”

It all started in November 2017, when the Alianza Nacional de Campesinas (The National Farmworker’s Women Alliance) wrote a letter of solidarity to the Hollywood women involved in exposing the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein. The letter described experiences of assault and harassment among female farmworkers and was said to have been written on behalf of the approximately 700,000 female farmworkers in the United States.

The movement is said to have started partly in response to that letter, and due to the constant outpouring of stories that have come and that are still coming everyday from survivors of sexual assault and harassment.

According to Time’s Up, “1 in 3 women ages 18 to 34 have been sexually harassed at work. 71% of those women said they did not report it.”

“More than one-third of the world’s countries do not have any laws prohibiting sexual harassment at work—leaving nearly 235 million working women vulnerable in the workplace.”

Celebrities involved in the movement included Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, America Ferrera, Emma Stone and Australia’s Nicole Kidman among many others, wearing black at the Golden Globes to stand against sexual harassment. With some celebrities bringing advocates as their dates to the event, allowing the chance for even more voices to be heard.

Time’s Up also have their own legal defence fund which will provide subsidized legal support to women and men who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace and while in pursuit of their careers.

We expect the Golden Globes was only the beginning of this inspiring movement and it will no doubt continue to take grasp of the injustice and fight towards a safe and equal environment for marginalised workers.

Over $16 million dollars has already been donated to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, you can also donate here.


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