Top 5 Shows To Stream This September

August 30, 2021


Cruel Summer (Amazon Prime)

This series follows two teenage girls in the 1990s and the problems that arise after one is kidnapped and the other takes her place within a small town in Texas. Available on Amazon Prime.

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Nine Perfect Strangers (Amazon Prime)

Based on the best-selling book by Liane Moriarty, “Nine Perfect Strangers takes place at a boutique health resort that promises healing for nine stressed city dwellers, but these strangers have no idea what is in store for them. Available on Amazon Prime. 

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Outer Banks (Netflix)

Outer banks is set in a coastal town in North Carolina, The show follows a group of teenagers as they look for the ringleader’s father as well as trying to find some missing treasure. Both seasons are available on Netflix. 

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Hacks (STAN)

Legendary Las Vegas stand-up Deborah Vance is trying to keep hold of her youth due to pressure from the head of the casino. Ava is a Gen Z comedy writer who is unable to find work due to being ‘Cancelled’ for a tweet. The two of them tema up to freshen up Vance material and learn about each other in the process. Available on STAN

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The Chair 

As the first POC appointed to the chair of the english department at Pembroke University, Professor Ji-Yoon Kim. Over the course of the show it explores the trials and tribulations of the department.  Available on Netflix.

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