Tourism Partnership To Promote Indigenous Experiences In QLD

June 4, 2020


In an Australian tourism first, Indigenous group Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) has partnered with Brisbane based travel tech company Travello to create an innovative recovery strategy as the travel and tourism rebound begins.

Travello is being used in over 180 countries, but plans to use its technology in partnership with QYAC to amplify Indigenous Experiences domestically as restrictions ease in the coming months.

Photo of Songman Joshua Walker , Yulu Walker and Tu Wai McDonald men of Quandamooka

“We are incredibly excited to work together with QYAC in this partnership,” says Ryan Hanly, CEO and Co-Founder of Travello. “2020 is the year of Indigenous tourism, but it’s been unfortunately overshadowed by two major events this year in the bushfires and now COVID – we plan to change that”.

“It seems like an unlikely pairing,” says Cameron Costello, QYAC Chief Executive Officer, “but we are excited to use Travello’s technology and audience to kickstart our Indigenous experiences as travel returns.”

Travello is widely known for its consumer facing application, a hugely successful social network for travellers; but many are not aware of the technology they have built that allows travel companies like QYAC to amplify their reach and also provide hyper targeted marketing.

“The Travello App is central to what we do, however Travello has also built industry leading technology that allows travel companies to engage and promote their businesses to travellers in destination who otherwise may not have been aware that their business even existed.

“This is a boost for local businesses and their local economies but also ensures travellers get to experience life changing experiences,” Costello says.

New technology like this has come at a critical time for the tourism industry, which is looking at new ways to capture the {19,000,000} Australians who travel either domestically or internationally each year. This technology will be central to the strategy QYAC will employ.

“For us, this is a chance to be innovative in our approach and do something different and we are really excited about that”, says Costello.

“2020 is the year of Indigenous Tourism in Queensland, but we haven’t had our chance to shine.

“Working with Travello gives us the chance to really amplify the unique experiences we have on offer and be at the forefront of travel technology.”

Travello will also use its huge audience reach to market Minjerribah’s extraordinary tourism offer – whale watching, glamping, beaches and Indigenous experiences to both a global market and the local drive market.

“Our channels reach over 90,000,000 travellers each month. So we are working with industry to provide recovery focused partnerships that can really kickstart their business. We can’t wait to let the world know about these amazing Indigenous experiences in our own back yard.”

About Travello:

Queensland-based tourism innovation Travello was the brainchild of two avid travellers, Ryan and Mark. They noticed there was no efficient way for travellers to connect with other travellers when they arrived at a destination and no way to communicate with travellers in the location they were heading to. Facebook just wasn’t cutting it!

After much procrastination, it was a chance meeting with a group of backpackers on the Gold Coast that provided the final motivation to actually create this concept. They loved the idea and insisted that we actually do something about it. And from that, Travello was born.

A social network for travellers used in over 180 countries, where travellers dream, plan, book, experience and share.

Travello’s aim is to simply make travelling easier and to help travellers connect. Hopefully they’ll make some lifelong friends along the way.