Treasure And Inspiration For Maiocchi’s Winter Collection #SheInspires

April 19, 2017

In the 15 years since Deanne Mayocchi began delighting followers with her unique mix of style, fabric and colour, the Queensland fashion designer has had many personal favourite creations.

There are more than just a few currently on show as part of her absorbing new “Treasure Hunter” Winter Collection, which has a story of discovery and triumph going back many years.

But Deanne, creator of the popular Maiocchi fashion label, which has a growing number of devotees around Australia (and overseas), has a new “fav”, although it could be a while before any of us see it.

Not to worry. If anything, Deanne is proud of her team’s work, and not wanting to disappoint SheBrisbane readers, confided in us that the dress has love hearts and a frill around the neck, so get ready ladies.

It’s just one of thousands of Maiocchi dresses, skirts and blouses carrying Deanne’s label, the designs spearheaded by her since the start, while crouching on her office floor often before the sun rises.

The start of Maiocchi, as Deanne explains, was soon after leaving university, after being raised in a home full of the clatter of sewing machines, exotic fabrics and a Mum with whom she shared a love of clothes…. special home designed and made clothes.

Her Mum and Dad have been there from the start as they have proudly watched her business grow to three stores across Brisbane and Sydney. Deanne’s parents have also been her greatest support when it comes to her six year old son Oscar and is forever thankful that they live so close-by.

Which brings us to Maiocchi’s Winter Collection, launched a couple of weeks ago.

It was inspired by Deanne’s love of things from her past that she said has either experienced or collected over the years.

“Such things as souvenir spoons and snow domes,” she said.

“And I have an old collection of old lace doilies, you know, the ones with cross stitching on them and beautiful handwork. There’s also a collection of vintage kimonos (the Japanese influence was inherited from her Mum),” she added with a wistful look.

For those who have seen “Treasure Hunter” they will know there is much more, including a box of “bibs and bobs” also collected over the years by Deanne with a little help from her Mum (again).

“A lot of sparkling old jewellery, including some much loved pieces. I think I got my love of sparkling things from my grandma and one of the things that inspired me was her jewellery box.”

Deanne has employed most of these riches in “Treasure Hunter” and created a collection of pirate-like excitement and mystery.

But that collection has now slipped to the back of her mind as she moves on to her Spring Collection (and that “love heart” dress) while looking even further ahead to future collections.

Last weekend marked the deadline for her Summer Collection. “It’s all panic stations leading up to that point”, she said.

“Then I start Winter 2018. We have to have our sampling all packed and approved before we go away for Christmas”, she said.

Deanne’s Maiocchi label is derived from her surname, which by the way is Italian (occhi means eye).

“The spelling got changed somewhere along the line (as there is no ‘y’ in the Italian language) and so we changed it back to the original spelling for our label – just to confuse everyone!”, she concludes.

SheBrisbane asked Deanne what are some of her favourite places in Brisbane;

Northey Street City Farm Organic Market, which is every Sunday from 6am to 11am at Northey Street City Farm, Windsor

Favourite Restaurant: Montrachet.

Favourite Bar: Stokehouse.

Favourite Holiday Spot: Brunswick Heads

You can view the entire collection online here or check out the store at:

216 Given Tce Paddington,

QLD 4064 Australia


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