April 3, 2017

Ladies love a racy man in a suit – especially when it’s an Urbbana!

Last week we were invited to attend the ritzy opening of the new flagship store Urbbana at their new Edward Store location which is situated at the high-end prestigious retail strip.

The entrepreneurial Sam Abi who is the founder and designer, announced that this will be the new jewel in the crown for Urbbana. The fit-out oozed opulence with the high-shine black flooring, illuminated display boxes, crystal chandeliers, copper ceiling details, plush modern lounges, oversized fitting rooms and artworks including Brisbane city scapes.

Customers will even enjoy an on- site barber, ‘Le Barber’, creating a complete shopping and pampering experience for men. The room was buzzing with impeccably- dressed VIPS including Ron Yap (CEO/Founder at Primetime Marketing and CEO for The Luxury Network), Ipswich Lord Mayor Paul Piscale, Councillor Krista Adams, Paul Johnston (Director, Style Magazines), Bianca Dye (97.3FM), Bec McMillan (What’s Hot TV Presenter) and hosted by the fabulous Mr Hollywood in Oz, Damien Anthony Rossi (Channel 7 TV Presenter) and many other distinguished guests.

Now ladies if you really want your man to impress you on your next date night, you must insist on taking him for an “Urbbana experience”, as you will find everything from perfectly tailored suits and shirts to accessories that add an individual touch to every outfit.

They have a range of ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, bags and wallets, and a full collection of shoes, from casual to formal. All garments and accessories are quality crafted and feature the unique Urbbana flair, making every man look his best; whether in classic black-tie or outfits with a distinctive edge.

You can be assured he will be looking very dapper! They are renowned for high quality, exclusive design and traditional boutique service to modern gentlemen. It was established in 2009 in Brisbane, with a focus on traditional tailoring, fine fabrics and signature styles encompassing Australian flair and Mediterranean influences.

Quickly becoming a go-to for Brisbane’s most stylish men, the Urbbana label has continuously expanded and is now stocked in select boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, as well as standalone stores in Hamilton and Surfer’s Paradise.

It is a MUST visit store, so make sure you go check them out!

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