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March 28, 2018

Australian Cricket Team Accused of Cheating

The cricket world and the Australian public were shocked earlier this week when reports came out of South Africa that the Australian cricket team were cheating in their matches against South Africa.

Accused of ball tampering, Cameron Bancroft was caught using tape, which had debris from the pitch, while working on the ball.

The opener, who attempted to hide the tape from umpires, has been charged by the match referee.

Michael Clarke was among many who reacted to the disappointing news.

“WHAT THE …….. HAVE I JUST WOKEN UP TO. Please tell me this is a bad dream,” Clarke posted on Twitter.

University of Sydney’s Archeological Discovery

Archeologists have made an incredible discovery inside an ancient Egyptian coffin that’s been around at the University of Sydney for 150 years.

Originally thought to be empty, the team actually found mummified human remains inside the 2,500-year-old coffin when they flipped it open.

“We are about to start a really detailed project to scientifically investigate these remains in the coffin and ask a whole bunch of questions, but really, ‘Who is inside the coffin?’” said lead investigator, Dr Jamie Fraser.

The body is not whole and the remains themselves have apparently been tampered with. “A tomb robber has probably come in and rooted all the way through trying to find jewels and amulets,” Dr Fraser said.

NRL Just Unveiled A Four-Team Women’s National League

The Holden Women’s Premiership will see four teams contest the first ever NRL women’s season throughout the course of the men’s NRL Finals series this year, with the league today launching the league under the “same game, our way” banner.

The NRL also confirmed that St. George-Illawarra, the Sydney Roosters, the Brisbane Broncos, and the New Zealand Warriors will comprise the four inaugural franchises to compete in the women’s league this year.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg heralded today’s launch as a major step forward, and pointed towards expansion of the league in the coming years.

“We think we’ve got the balance right for our first year and I would expect more NRL clubs to join the competition in the years ahead.”

Queenslanders Could Get $2500 Fines for Leaving Their Bins Out Too Long

Around 20 councils are giving people $2,523 fines if they don’t take their bins in within 24 hours.

Similar laws at a State Government level have existed, but since the period of time was defined at “otherwise reasonably appropriate before and after collection”, they were never actually enforced.

And now that those laws are expiring, twenty councils have gone ahead and made their own local law, reports the Daily Mercury.

Councils are lining up to say they won’t actually be enforcing the law – only doing so if residents complain.

The new rules will come into effect by July 1.

New Emoji To Better Represent People With Disabilities

Apple has submitted a request for 13 new emojis to better represent those with disabilities.

“Apple is requesting the addition of emoji to better represent individuals with disabilities,” the company wrote in its submission to Unicode. “Currently, emoji provide a wide range of options, but may not represent the experiences of those with disabilities.”

The requested additions include a guide dog, prosthetic limbs, a hearing aid, the deaf sign, and people using wheelchairs or canes.

Apple note that this is “not meant to be a comprehensive list of all possible depictions of disabilities”, but rather it stands as “an initial starting point”.

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