What Our History Can Teach Gen Z

May 28, 2020


My isolation story hasn’t been one of difficulty, and for that I am blessed. I have spent the last 8 weeks working from home with 3 teenagers who, thankfully, are nice humans. 

During this time, while dealing with my own work challenges, I have found myself trying to prop up their hopes and dreams and paint a bright future for them post COVID-19. 

Yes, travel is off the cards for a while, the job landscape is looking bleak and their social life has been confined to small house gatherings. But economic hardship is not new to Australia, it’s just new to Gen Y and in particular Gen Z (my teens).

With all this in mind, it has inspired me to ask a selection of women in business to share their stories of how they tackled past adversity in the hope that Gen Z will see this time is just a bump in the road and, with the right approach can become the catalyst for an exciting, fulfilling future.

Since embarking on our chosen careers as young women, we have encountered no less than three recessions during which we witnessed our parents and then ourselves battle to survive.

The last recession was more than 28 years ago, in 1990/91, which the then Treasurer Paul Keating described as “the recession we had to have”. The recession before that was in 1982/83 and the economy also experienced a recession in 1975.

With tens of thousands of young Australian women finishing their education and embarking on their chosen careers or aiming to fulfill their travel dreams during this economically debilitating coronavirus pandemic, it is only natural for them to feel apprehensive.

But, as in the past, there are ways to overcome the current economic roadblocks, and it is SheSociety’s aim to provide practical advice from those who have survived similar situations with the aim of lifting the spirits and firing the determination of these young women. 


Click through to meet Deanne Mayocchi and learn more about her story.

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