What #SheWatches This Week!

May 2, 2019

SheSociety were delighted to be invited to the feel good romantic comedy Long Shot starring the beautiful Charlize Theron and hilariously talented Seth Rogen. Seth plays journalist Fred Flarsky, a talented free spirit with a knack for getting into trouble. Charlize is Secretary – of – State , Charlotte Field who is one of the most influential women in the world.

When they meet Fred realises Charlotte was his former babysitter and childhood crush. On an impulse Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter. Along the way Fred encourages Charlotte to let her hair down and open up and Charlotte teaches him to care about more than his own opinion.

There is some raunchy humour and political commentary. But it’s ultimately the chemistry of the two stars that you’ll remember. Both stars shine in magical performances. You will fall in love with Fred and Charlotte.

For a good laugh or a wonderful date night movie you’ll love Long Shot. Opens May 2


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