What Women Really Want In An Engagement Ring

December 19, 2018

Purchasing an engagement ring for the woman you love is not always an easy task. There are so many options to choose from that it can be disconcerting to know which one is right for your loved one. One thing that can make a difference and that can help you make the correct purchase is to learn a bit about what women expect from an engagement ring.

The Right Cut

One of the things that women will look for in their engagement ring is the kind of cut of the diamond. There are some classic options that are always fashionable, but not all options are in vogue these days. These days, the round cut is the most popular option, followed by the princess cut. Of course, personal preference does come into play here, so be sure to take your time choosing the right one for your loved one.

The Right Material

Everyone knows that engagement rings contain a diamond, but it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the material that will make up the band. In past times, gold was the choice, but these days, it tends to be either a white gold or platinum band. Companies like those run by Michael Arthur can offer all of their ring types in these materials, so be sure to do a good amount of research before deciding.

Size of Diamond

It is true that size does matter when it comes to engagement ring diamonds. This does not necessarily mean that the diamond has to be huge, but it does mean that is should be in proportion to the band. A thick band should have a larger diamond, while a thinner one can look great with a smaller stone.


For a woman who does not enjoy very modern designs, the worst thing you could get her is an ultra-modern engagement ring. It is vital that you take into consideration her personality and her preference when deciding on the kind of ring you buy. This is something that she will be looking for, since it will mean that you have paid attention to what she loves.

If you want to ensure that the woman you propose to loves her ring, you should take all of these tips into consideration. It can be tough to choose the perfect engagement ring, but by keeping in mind the cut, style, and size of the diamond, you will be able to find something she will love.

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