What’s With the Puffer Lips?

March 16, 2018

I’m sorry girls, maybe it’s my age or maybe I’m too critical and if so please tell me where I have gone wrong. But I cannot in the life of me understand why anyone would want to inflate their lips like a tetraodontidae aka puffer fish.

I have been watching one of the reality TV shows and found my intended focus on the storyline (there is one?) is overridden by ‘the lips’.

What intrigues me the most with some of the females on the show is to see if and how, their lips move. Okay, my lips are not blown-out; resemble normality and yes it would be wonderful to be born with a little more fullness in selected parts of my body, that includes an upper-lip devoid of miniature crevices. But gee whiz, puffer lips? I don’t think so.

Do these women realise their lips are beyond normality? Before you say anymore, I’m definitely not jealous, just curious and why so extreme?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not adverse to women who wish to enhance specific areas of their body, whatever makes them happy I guess, but where does it stop? It’s like blowing up a balloon, how far to pump in the air before it or your lungs burst or even worse the shape becomes distorted.

Some of the lips on these women appear bloated and unnatural to the extent where their lips have difficulty with normal body functions. When their inflexible mouth embraces the champagne glass it seems a struggle to prevent the wine from dripping down onto their chest. Food almost falls out of their mouths as they attempt to eat. It’s touch and go when they grab the food from the end of a fork. I wait with bated breath “uh oh, do they have a good grasp or will it drop?” Let alone have the flexibility to enunciate words when they speak, particularly if they began with the letters m, p and f!  

There must be an art to it all as from what I have witnessed the lip’s are devoid of any sensitivity and ability to fully function. I begin to wonder what happens when they kiss someone. Do they feel any sensation? What about the man? Are the lips soft and pliable or does it feel like they are kissing a piece of flesh covered moulded gelatine?

It appears to be the younger women who go overboard, however I have seen the odd older woman with puffer lips and that’s scary.

On the other side of choices, if you desire to enhance something, how about in moderation, plus consider the consequences i.e. what may happen to your face in five to ten years time? You only need to Google a few interesting graphics to get a sense of it all.    

I’m not going to pout about it. Perception of beauty is different for everyone. We all possess uniqueness in beauty and sex appeal. It will shine from within if the beholder has self-belief.

Nor should we believe ageing is the end of our appeal. Either way, as we grow older we need to come to terms with the fact that our body is in decline but our inner beauty is not. There is no need to make it complicated, only a matter of coming to terms with it all and make healthy, balanced choices in life.

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