Women In Sport: Tamsyn Moana-Veale

March 27, 2018

– What’s your favourite aspect about your sport?

I love being able to travel the world and working towards goals every day. It’s cool to think that it’s one of the few jobs in the world where everyone around you (coaches, physio’s, dieticians etc) is actively trying to make you better. 

– What made you decide to do Triathlon’s professionally?

I grew up swimming and was naturally a good runner, so some swimming friends who also did triathlon, suggested I give it a go. I won my first race and started doing well in State races as a 14-15 year old, and it progressed naturally from there, to national racing then international.  

– What’s your proudest achievement so far?

I was Australian Junior Champion in 2011 and won a World Cup Bronze medal.

– Best advice you’ve ever received?

Focus the processes, not the outcome.

– How have you managed to overcome obstacles such as injuries?

 Injury is the most difficult part of the sport (and most expensive) . I find distancing yourself a bit from the sport, taking the time to being around friends and family, and just focusing on yourself and your own journey is helpful as you surround yourself with positives and don’t feel like you’re missing out or falling behind.

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