Would You Give Your Kids A Smartphone?

November 21, 2018

If you have seen the kids down the shopping centre talking into their wrist watches of late, you weren’t witnessing a Dick Tracey moment. They were probably talking to their mums or dads on their Moochie kids smartphone watches, designed with child safety in mind.

Aimed at children up to 16 when they hit the market a few years ago they are now more likely to be used by younger children as more and more children from 13 up are now getting full blown mobile phones.

The Moochies smartphone watch can receive voice, text & photo messages, as well as sending voice messages and photos. The smartphone watch allows your child to make and receive calls from a parent controlled contact list. You decide who your child can call or be called by. Such people as granny and grandad, but no strangers.

Using the Moochies app, you can see your child’s location on a map at any time, anywhere in the world. Featuring full GPS Tracking, even if your kid is travelling overseas, you can still check their location.

The watch is paired to a smartphone (usually mum or dad’s) who then programs the watch with up to ten numbers which the Moochies can call. There is no keyboard on the phone, so the child simply scrolls through the menu to find the icon/name of the person they wish to call.

They are unable to call other numbers and the parent can set the phone so that only those ten numbers can be received by the phone. The Moochies Smartphone watch has a built in camera which allows your kids to take photos that they can then share with their loved ones.

The phone has a number of other features, most of which are controlled through the parent’s paired smartphone, such as an alarm (to wake kids in time for school), a GPS tracker so you can see where your child is, and a voice talk function, which allows you to send a brief recorded voice message to the child, and they can send one to you.

Two other features are for today’s safety conscious parents are an SOS function where, if the child pushes the button for five or more seconds, it sends an alarm to the parent’s phone and also records fifteen seconds of audio so the parent can get an idea of what is happening .

There is also the ability to set up ‘safe zones’, usually a circular perimeter around a location (such as home or school) which will send a warning to the parent is the child strays outside the zone.

You can buy the watches online at https://moochies.com/Shop. They cost $189.95 plus postage.

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