WOW! Snapchat Now Home To Pornographic Channels…

January 5, 2017

It has come to the attention of the She Brisbane Team that Snapchat is now the home for pornographic Snapchat channels.  This was learnt the hard way as one of the She Brisbane team downloaded an account they were reading about and was then subjected to some extremely eye popping pornography which caused the She Brisbane team to scream and throw the phone across the room!

The scary thing about this, is that anyone can add these accounts.  You can, we can and so can your kids.  No one is monitoring what is being shown on these accounts and from what we saw ANYTHING can be shown without it being sent through a filter to Snapchat to ensure that underage children aren’t being exposed to this hardcore pornography.  From this one account, other pornographic accounts were being advertised to be added. Endless pornography for anyone wanting it – or not wanting it.

A shock, yes!  Another reason to make sure you have access to your children’s accounts to ensure that there isn’t anything unsolicited being watched or shared among their friends.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you spot check your children’s social channels to ensure they aren’t being subjected to what the She Brisbane team was!

*Caution, hold onto your phone tight! You don’t want to throw it in shock!

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