Young Aussie Girls Want To Break The Glass Ceiling

October 11, 2019

Young Aussie girls want to break the glass ceiling

New research into the ambitions and inspirations of Aussie girls aged 5-11 has found that encouragingly, there will be a potential 174,208 women creating and leading companies in the future, with 16% of girls surveyed believing they can start their own business or be a CEO.

The research was commissioned by LEGO Australia to inspire girls to play their way ahead of International Day of the Girl, a day which highlights and addresses the needs and challenges girls across the world face whilst promoting girls’ empowerment.


Encouragingly, more than half (54%) of girls surveyed believe they can have their dream job when they are older.

Almost half (45.8%) of girls feel empowered to travel the world and see amazing things when they are older, with 14% also believing they can be the top sports star in the world.

Career ambitions

While girls are aware of the varied career paths available to them, the jobs girls want to do the most are professions with animals (18.6%), including becoming a vet, animal rescuer or marine biologist.

For these young Aussie girls, animals and wildlife are key interests, with another 1 in 5 (18%) stating that an ambition for them when they grow up is to save animals.

And many girls are already looking at how to inspire their succeeding generation, with teaching (15%) also ranking as a top career option.

Mum’s the word!

Young Aussie girls are most inspired by their mums (43%) – by far the most significant inspiration in their young lives. Mums are followed by teachers (11%), then unsurprisingly in the digital age YouTubers (10%). Dads also provide inspiration to their daughters (9.6%).

Making mum proud (19.6%) also came out on top when girls were asked what they want to do when they grow up.

Other key findings:

• Dancing (42%) is the most popular pastime for Aussie girls, followed by playing with toys (28%), singing (28%), painting (28%) and being outdoors (26%)

• Over a quarter (28%) of Aussie girls believe they can save the planet when they are older, almost a quarter (25%) believe they can celebrate other girls in a positive way, and over a fifth (22%) believe they can become the top professional in their chosen career

• Making Mum proud topped the list of things young girls want to do when they grow up, followed by having fun (19%) and saving the animals (18%)

• Being a doctor (6%) is more appealing to young Aussie girls than being an actress (4%) or a princess (4%)

• Aussie girls find sports stars inspirational, with 7% inspired by Ella Havelka, 6% by Gabi Simpson and 5% by Steph Catley

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