Zambrero’s Mexican Affair

February 2, 2017

SheBrisbane was invited to an exclusive media tasting event celebrating the flavours of Zambrero’s 2017 menu. Zambrero is also a humanitarian enterprise committed to tackling world hunger through its Plate 4 Plate initiative. 

The 8 course tasting included a ​fresh and flavoursome selection of mexican cuisine​ paired with beverages for maximum indulgence. The degustation showcased elements of fine dining under a quick food structure – who knew the efforts involved in creating the perfect burrito?!

We were surprised to find we weren’t faced with the heavy, sluggish feeling we​’​re all too accustomed to​ after excessive mexican indulgence. In fact, the dishes were​ ​so​ light in comparison to other mainstream mexican fast-food restaurants. Thank you Zambrero! Make sure you stop in for your next mexican fix.​ Check out the full social gallery!

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