A Teenage Perspective On The Queensland Theatre Company’s Stormboy

August 2, 2019

Maliah & Sienna at the opening night of Stormboy

SheSociety is a platform which aims to share the views of women, and that includes teenage women. We thought we would ask our teenage sisters their thoughts on the latest production from the Queensland Theatre Company, Stormboy which opened last night.

Sienna age 14 commented:

The storyline followed that of the original movie although some changes were made – and personally I thought the changes were very well thought through and added to the climax. The ongoing jokes from ‘fingerbone’ were always timed well and guaranteed a great laugh. Actor Conor Lowe who played ‘Stormboy’ was amazing and he was very suited to the role. The puppets and puppeteers were very good with no “mess ups” which was very surprising and the puppet designs were very good. The transitions were very well done and the selected music were well suited to the scenes. The repetition of phrases the father would repeat would add emphasis to how he was very caring for Stormboy even though Stormboy himself couldn’t always see it. The ending was also great and from what I saw, it was able to make quite a few audience members have tears. Overall great acting, sets, timing and use of the puppets.

Maliah age 17 noted:

The acting was a 10/10 and the puppeteering was spectacular. The visual imagery was very eye catching and beautiful, which perfectly tied with the music and sound effects. The cheeky pelicans grabbed the audiences attention with their loveable nature and bond with the little boy although unfortunately in the end his best pelican friend ends up getting shot and dies- but his story still lived on and his warmth carried through to the end. Overall was a good mix of tear jerking and hilarious.

Stormboy is in season July 29th – August 17th at QPAC!

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