#SheReviews – “How to Mend a Broken Heart” by Rachael Johns

June 10, 2021


In these times of uncertainty and turbulence, it does one’s soul good to delve into an optimistic and uplifting novel, such as author Rachael Johns’s latest offering, “How to Mend a Broken Heart”. Set in contemporary New Orleans (in the state of Louisiana in the U.S.A), the story encompasses the trials and ordeals of Felicity (Flick) and her daughter Zoe.

Both mother and daughter travel to New Orleans from Australia for some healing time, after both have had their hearts broken by their respective husbands. Flick’s partner, Seb (now Sofia), has decided to become and live as a woman, and Zoe’s partner, Beau, has cruelly cheated on her.

New Orleans proves to be the perfect balm to both Flick’s and Zoe’s wounds. A city of magnificent architecture, dark history, a thriving jazz scene, and ghostly goings on, New Orleans captivates and entrances Flick and Zoe.

When a devastatingly handsome jazz musician called Theo enters Flick’s life, does she have the courage to open her heart to his, after her’s has been shattered by her ex-husband’s? And does Zoe have the inner strength to give her heart to Jack (a ghost hunter and ghost tour guide), while she is still bruised by her husband’s philandering?

“How to Mend a Broken Heart” is the perfect antedote to the gloom and despair engulfing the world today. Imbued with an adventurous spirit, and ultimately hope, this book transports you mentally to a vibrant and unique city a world away, yet strangely familiar. I highly recommend this book. I finished it feeling warm and cosy, if I’d just shared a wonderful adventure with two good friends. 

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