What can you do for yourself these Christmas Holidays

December 29, 2016

Year 2016 has been one hell of a year – for the most part, not in a necessarily good way. As mighty Chaucer put it “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Although the man did not have 2016 in mind, granted – it feels like this line perfectly sums up the intensity of everything 2016 has brought about.

A word

So much has changed rapidly and unexpectedly; emotions got stirred, most of us dared more than we have our entire lives – and it’s probably that just the spiritually fittest have survived it (or are yet to survive it). It seems like everything that could have happened – did and it’s safe to say things got a little overwhelming.

And, as it always happens with the matters of the heart and soul, the battle with ourselves and the world around (that, at times, seemed so disconnected from us) has drained us. Completely. Wholeheartedly. Genuinely. Just to be clear – that’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s something to be proud of. We’ve survived it, whatever it was (individually). It’s helped us grow.

A step forward

Just as a child gets its reward for homework well done, we too deserve a treat for managing to live through 2016. Christmas time may be the most beautiful time of year, so why not use it to indulge in the little things, invest in ourselves and love us – as intensely as we can!


For anyone and everyone who is looking to pamper their soul a little bit all throughout this holiday season and after, we suggest you start small, reconnect with yourself and then move onto bigger things.

Make a list

To kick start things wonderfully, make a list of all things you love about yourself, no matter how small or big they are. We are our worst critics and we shouldn’t always believe everything we think. So, design a list of your personal favourites and read it out loud. Then, print it and frame it in your home office or someplace meaningful to you. It will fill you with happiness each time you glance at it.


See people you love

Why have we forgotten the joy of just being, uninterrupted, with the people we love? So silly. It’s the world around us, dictating an incredibly fast pace that’s blocking us from having any life at all. Make a chance in that domain, stat! Start working your favourite people into your schedule; a coffee with your fav neighbour will sometimes heal you better than therapy. Enjoy it!

Say “I love you”

To whomever you love, say it. Let them know how appreciated and loved they are; they’ll feel amazing hearing it, you’ll feel fantastic for having communicated it. It’s a blissful, powerful thing.

Sweat it off

Stop criticising yourself immediately and start loving you. You’re worthy of your own love, you know?

Treat yourself

 Decide to let yourself being spoiled a little… by no one else but yourself. Yes, they’ll buy us this and that but – no present means as much as the one we’ve bought ourselves.

Go pampering, visit hair salon, go for a relax massage, get some amazing beauty tips from experts at salons, invest in a good set of makeup, treat yourself to some new jewellery and clothes, etc. In a word – learn to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Binge-watch movies

Yaaas! Make it a private time (with a huge bowl of popcorn, understood) or gather friends and family for a movie marathon; prepare snacks, have at least five movies ready to be watched, light up scented candles, cozy up in a blanket and start your own version of Hilton treatment. And don’t forget to turn the Christmas lights on for an added feel of a joyful atmosphere.

Enjoy food

You’ve suffered salads long enough. Let loose for a second and enjoy all the gorgeous fresh food. If you gain weight, you’ll lose the extra pounds (again). No big deal, really.

Fall in love

Be someone’s best Christmas present this year. They’ll thank the Universe for sending you their way.

Contribution by Emma Lawson

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