Decorating the baby nursery

April 23, 2016

I ordered some beautiful 100 per cent merino wool online and used a needle felting technique

I am happy to report that we are now over half way through the pregnancy – woo hoo! We had our scan a few weeks ago and everything is going perfectly. The baby is measuring five days bigger than expected, so who knows what that means!

The bub may end up sharing a birthday with my husband at this rate – something I don’t think he really wants to share, but I am sure he wouldn’t mind if it really does happen.

Pink crocheted bonnet
Pink crocheted bonnet

I have started crocheting a little bobble bonnet for the winter birth. I am using some soft pink cashmere wool from the lot my mum sent me. Knowing my luck with trying to get things finished for the baby, I will indeed get the beautiful pink bonnet complete but the baby will be a boy! Oh well, boys can wear pink too.

On an important note, I think it is time to start decorating the nursery. The baby will be moving into the spare room, which was unfortunately our ‘junk/craft/everything that didn’t have a home’ room.

I decided I would do a spring clean while my husband was interstate so I could take a few days at my own pace and not have stuff everywhere when he got back. I still had stuff everywhere!

The house is looking a little less in shambles this week and the cot and furniture are all in place, which makes me feel a little better. So now onto making it look pretty.

A crochet bunny I have made for the baby
A crochet bunny I have made for the baby

I am struggling to pick any kind of colour theme or style. I have been considering the idea of pom pom garlands, but I also love felt bunting, mini macramé hangers with colourful beads… perhaps I should host a crafternoon and get my girlfriends to make them for me in lieu of a baby shower (as I hear you can’t have one for the second baby). Actually, this is a great idea. Perhaps we can do it while watching The Bachelor!

Banner made from felt with raised letters
Banner made from felt with raised letters

I did make this beautiful banner to hang in the room. I ordered some beautiful 100 per cent merino wool online and used a needle felting technique to attach the letters to the base felt. I left it at this stage as I like the letters being a little raised; however if you keep felting, the letters and the base felt will eventually become one piece. It is a pretty cool technique. Would you be interested in learning?

That is all from me! I have heaps work to do, a bonnet to crochet and a crafty party to organise.

Imogen x

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