Is there a divide between working and stay at home mums?

October 26, 2016

The estranged wife of Channel Nine star Karl Stefanovic has hit back at working women who criticise stay-at-home mums.

The estranged wife of Channel Nine star Karl Stefanovic has hit back at working women who criticise stay-at-home mums.

After taking to Facebook earlier this week to emphasise the substantial contribution she made to the Logie winner’s career, Cassandra Thorburn today released an Open Letter to “Dear working mums”

“What I don’t get is why, in my experience, you also feel you’re in competition with us, the stay-at-home mums who made a different decision than you,” she wrote

“Not a better or worse decision, just the right decision for us and a different one to you.”

The Open letter was sparked by an article written by Angela Mollard of with the headline: “This Is the Reason Women Should Never Give Up Their Jobs.” after Thorburn’s Facebook post. Thorburn said she couldn’t help but wonder why the author “felt the need to try and make me, and thousands of other stay-at-home mums in Australia, feel like we had made a bad decision, when we know we have not.

“Not for us. We are not in competition with you. We sympathise for you, but we are not in competition.”

Thorburn, who had a successful ABC career before she married the struggling Stefanovic, said she respected “all working mums for the decision you made that was right for you. I only wish there was that same respect returned to stay-at-home mums”.

“We made a decision that is different to yours. It doesn’t mean, as I’ve realised some people think, that I’m watching daytime soaps all day. “I help at the school canteen weekly because I know many working mums can’t. I’m home, so I do it for you and for my children. I volunteer at the uniform shop, again because I can and working mums can’t. I do these things to give back to the community I live in, because I can.

“Stay-at-home mums support each other. We don’t lunch every day, if that’s what you think. We are busy, we stay informed, we fulfil the needs of our family.

“Next time a working mum rolls her eyes at your stay-at-home status, hold your head high. Their decision is not superior to ours and there’s no competition as to who made the better choice when it comes to parenting”.

* Stefanovic has so far remained tight-lipped about the split but if you want to gauge how he feels about it watch his morning show. More flirting than Schoolies.

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