Enigmas and kaleidoscopes

July 4, 2016

Indoors and outdoors ... it has been a great week for events in Brisbane

Indoors and outdoors! We’ve been sipping free-flowing champers in an underground world before rising to the surface to enjoy the sun and festival in Teneriffe!

Cloudy but oh so fine!

Cloudland is definitely the place to be …. we couldn’t resist The Bubble Trouble Champagne Club where they have free flowing champers every Friday night from 5.30pm.

With Dene Harris, Ambassador for Cloudland and birthday boy!
With Dene Harris, Ambassador for Cloudland and birthday boy!

The evening was hosted by their Ambassador, Dene Harris (pictured left), who happened to be celebrating his birthday on the night too, so we had to get a quick pic with the birthday boy!

We also got to immerse ourselves in another underground world – their Cellar Bar. Here you will find the Enigma event which is Cloudland’s dazzling new pop-up series featuring exquisite tapas, live entertainment and best of all, luxury sips from across the globe.

We started with Absolut Elyx – the new leader for premium vodka worldwide.

cloudland enigma1They served specially-created cocktails in copper pineapple cocktail cups, and offered a martini masterclass, all the time with entertainment from magicians, illusionists and dancers.

If you’re a lover of the finer things in life, do yourself a favour and don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in another world … the world of Enigma Underground.  Their next event is Friday 8 July – make sure you get there or you won’t know what you’re missing!  Visit Cloudland’s BDM Heidi Merchant on Facebook for the details.

Something for everyone at The Teneriffe Festival

The Teneriffe Festival is without a doubt at the forefront of community events within Queensland, and we personally think it’s up there as one of the most wonderful festivals in the world!

tenneriffe2Every July, the Teneriffe Festival enlivens and transforms the suburb with a bold celebration of the community and a unique look encompassing the past, present and looking towards the future.

We joined the 50,000+ people who flocked through the front gates for the seventh annual event  – did you see us? We saw you!

teneriffe3It was jam packed walking down the riverside streets and hidden laneways, with 40 local restaurants and food vendors, around 60 market stalls and displays, a glorious Kids’ World and dozens of community groups.

There was a kaleidoscope of entertainment including folk music through to punk rock; health and fitness; plus cheese and champagne – it definitely catered to everyone, regardless of age or tastes.  We can’t wait for it again next year; we’ll be there with bells on! Come up and say hi!

Catch you next week with the latest Brisbane events wrap-up!

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