Five things that cheese me off and I don’t care who knows it

July 5, 2016

I think I’ll feel better if I get this off my chest ...

I really appreciate all the articles about positive thinking on She Brisbane, and I’ve taken lessons from them. But I think I’ll feel better if I get this off my chest. So here, goes. These are the five things that (currently) cheese me off.

1) Saying Princess Charlotte stole the show at the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. I’m sorry, but no. The Queen wore bright lime green. Lime green! No-one was going to upstage Her Majesty on her 90th birthday wearing that colour. And, she knew it … don’t you think she’s learnt a few tricks in 90 years?

2) Drinks in jars –in my house when a jar is empty we wash it and re-use it if it is a practical storage size or stick it in the recycle bin. I don’t want to come to your café, pay for a beautiful drink and have it served to me in a jar that is having a second life impersonating a glass!

3) The term ‘Breaking News’ is now overused. There was a time when we used ‘breaking news’ to mean just that, or if you heard that term you dropped everything and listened. But now it’s being used to announce a car crash or a Kardashian butt-size re-measure.

4) Apparent temperature – am I the only one who gets cheesed off by this? My husband continuously gives me the temperature and the apparent temperature. Sure it may feel like 10 degrees, but it is 14 degrees. It’s 14 degrees! Enough said.

5) Deceased birthdays. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘if she was alive today, she’d be 110!’ What the …? No, unless your relative was out to break the Guinness Book of Records oldest person alive record, no she wouldn’t be alive. She’d still be dead. I don’t get it … can anyone explain?

Well thanks for that, I feel much better, and now back to glass half full. How beautiful is this weather?

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