The Golden Pig Food & Wine School – A Sensory Delight!

June 21, 2017

Cooking isn’t rocket science, as my grandmother used to say, but it helps if you can pick up a few basic tips on how it’s done, especially when you want to impress.

Well, that was the motivation behind one of our SheBrisbane team when she signed up to a hands-on cooking class at the The Golden Pig Food and Wine School the other day. The school incorporates a cafe which is open to everyone.

The school and cafe is run by husband and wife  Mark and Katrina Ryan who like nothing more than sharing their love of cooking delicious food with the people of Brisbane.

The charming space at Newstead quickly gets students in the mood with the the sleek Scandinavian design with climber vines, hanging planter boxes and lush green ferns easy on the eye. The aromas coming from the kitchen quickly had our girl’s taste buds racing.

The class, on the day she attended, focused on learning Thai Classics, and what better way to start than getting the class acquainted with the key ingredients and how to chop, shred and  julienne.

The class then separated into small groups to prepare elements that contributed to a beautiful Thai meal, consisting of  Tantalising Betel leaf appetiser, Coconut and galangal chicken soup, Rich red curry of duck with lychees, Hot and sour green papaya salad, Stir fry favourite of chicken with chilli jam and Thai basil and cashews.

At the end of the class the students  sat down to enjoy the fruits of their labour which was topped off by Katrina’s excellent pairing of regional wine.

Our SheBrisbane girl said the meal was simply delicious with each bite being better than the last. She said it was actually hard to believe she and her classmates had created something “so damn tasty”.

As the class refilled their glasses they shared stories about kitchen victories and epic failures. 

This was clearly a fantastic way to learn how to cook something you perhaps wouldn’t have a crack yourself or just to hone your skills. However, if you’d rather the staff at The Golden Pig do the work, just sit back and relax in the cafe where you can order the likes of maple vanilla yoghurt, nut and seed crumble, sensuous salads and sandwiches packed with Chinese five-spice duck for breakfast and lunch. The Golden Pig Cafe opens its doors Monday 7.30am to 12pm and Tuesday to Friday from 7.30am to 2pm.

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