It’s Time To Shine With Jackie Gillies

April 17, 2018

#SheSociety had the chance to chat with Real Housewives of Melbourne Jackie Gillies, and we talked all things love, family and her tour- Shine It Up!

Reality TV star and psychic Jackie Gillies first met rock band Silverchair’s drummer Ben Gillies when they were teenagers.

But it was 15 years later, after a particularly toxic relationship forced her to reassess her life, that they met again.

Two years later he proposed.  

Jackie, who works as a professional psychic, stars in the TV show Real Housewives of Melbourne and earlier this year was in another reality show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Now, she is about to embark on her Shine It Up tour where she talks about self-empowerment, motivation and inspiration with the aim “to restore people’s self worth and gain clarity”.

#SheSociety had the chance to chat with Jackie and we talked all things love, family and her tour.

“The Shine It Up tour was a natural progression for me,” said Jackie.

“I want to inspire people to take it to the next level, I am a manifestor…I have always believed that your thoughts influence your experiences so if you are in a negative state of mind you are always going to create negative situations around you and you need to be aware of your thought pattern and  your mindset.”

Jackie told us of her previous relationships and how they were the catalyst to changing her situation in life and following her intuition.  

“There was a shift and I will tell you what that shift was,” she said.

“I was in a relationship that was toxic and this person tried to tell me what to wear, where to go and what to do and it made me lose my self-worth.

“There have been times where I haven’t been happy with my working environment, I was unhappy with my friendship circle.

“I realised that I attracted that situation to myself, and I started to realise that I needed to change those surroundings.”

Jackie said she started to learn how to manifest energy and turn it into positive.

“ I started making a list of everything I wanted in a relationship and I promised to god that I would not, would not date anyone until I met someone that ticked everything on that list,” she said.

With all this success comes a very busy schedule, so we asked Jackie how she makes it work with Ben while working.

“You just gotta make time,”she said.

“You need to take time out for yourself because you can’t be be a good wife, a good mother or anything good if you can’t be good to yourself, because then you can’t be good to anyone else”

SheSociety asked Jackie what her advice for women who “are not so sure about themselves”.

“The first thing I have to say is women is they have to stop competing with one-another,”she said.

“Be authentic and be confident and own who you are and always love who you are first, because if you don’t love yourself first you can’t love anyone else”

Jackie’s chosen charity when she appeared I’m A Celebrity ….was the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation,which provides comfort, hope, protection and safety for needy children and their families.

The Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers and its work is funded almost entirely by charitable donations.

“Moira Kelly to me is, outside my own mother, closest to a Saint you will ever meet,” she said.

“I want for me to continuously be able to help Moira Kelly and Shine It Up is going to be able to provide something for another child.

“If you have the opportunity to help somebody then we have to do that as human beings….people like me, people like you or people like us here in this country can get together and make a difference, even if it’s $1 out of your pocket.

“There are a lot of women out there that lose their self confidence, I can take all this makeup off and still be me, women just have to be true to themselves and love who they are and speak up and not be afraid to speak up. If you do everything with a pure heart then you will always be looked after no matter what you are going through”.

Click here to get your tickets to Shine It Up! all booking and payment fees will be donated to the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

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