My first country social outing – I’m off to the races

March 24, 2016

I’ve had another learning curve – I’ve learnt about the importance of connecting with others

I have been out here in South West Queensland for approximately one month now. It is hard to describe my time out here – it seems like it has gone extremely fast for some parts and slow in others. Time flies… and crawls.

Days off from work can be hard if you don’t have any plans; sitting in a bedroom is only appealing for a short amount of time.

However living in the accommodation provided by the healthcare facility is interesting; you meet other multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners such as the physiotherapist, dietician, and many more. Each person has their own story and background. Therefore the conversations around the dining room table are diverse and dynamic with all the different opinions.

Mapping out my social life

My friends bought me a calendar for Christmas last year which I’ve put to good use to plan my social life! We (me and another nurse) stayed up last night and Googled the events for South West Queensland marking them down in the calendar.

I forgot the psychological benefit of planning a social life and the joys of anticipation. I am sure everyone can relate to this situation. When you have things to look forward to in—between work and family commitments—it makes it easier to endure the everyday challenges of life.

My first social outing will be at the Noorama Races which is on Saturday 9th April. Noorama is 96km from Cunnamulla and the races has been a tradition for over 50 years, running since 1966.

It attracts a younger crowd and is close to the New South Wales border. A lot of the locals from Cunnamulla attend this race and speak highly of it—so it is now on the top of my social priority list.

Another learning curve

I’ve had another huge learning curve too – I’ve learnt about the importance of connecting with others.

In Brisbane it is easier to connect especially in your own social circle; so you don’t put yourself out there – you stay in the same routine.

By developing my new ‘life in the country’ social calendar, it will allow me to extend myself as a person and force me to interact outside my comfort zone… I think that is well over due 🙂

Happy Easter

To everyone reading this, I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing time with your family or friends over the Easter period.

Chloe x

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