Nature’s Medicine Cabinet- The Healing Power Of Plants

May 25, 2018

Plant Life Balance - Style Files 2018. "The Remedy"

Before you reach for the paracetamol from the medicine cabinet have you considered checking your backyard, herb patch or community garden for a remedy fix?

Nature is our living and breathing chemist and becoming an apothecary in your own backyard can actually be considerably easy, even for those who aren’t traditional plant enthusiasts.

From the power of rosemary that can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease to the echinacea herb that fights off colds and flus, the benefits of growing and caring for your own remedial ferny friends are plentiful.

To inspire and motivate increased greening at home, Plant Life Balance, in collaboration with horticulturist and creator of The Planthunter, Georgina Reid, have created four new plants looks that covers everything from growing homeopathic herbs to fitting out a space with stylish shrubs.

Georgina is constantly inspired by the value of all things green. “The Remedy look, is a wonderful reminder of the healing power of plants.

“Considering nearly half of all human medicines are derived from plants, growing your own tonics and cures for basic ills is an achievable feat.”

However, if spending your afternoons playing alchemist isn’t your cup of tea, don’t be depleted – all plants provide miraculous health and wellbeing benefits according to research funded by Hort Innovation and delivered by University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

Simply adding 1 medium sized plant to a medium sized room , increases air quality up to 2 25%.​ And when it comes to improving wellbeing, 5 or more plants leads to feeling healthier and happier​, (direct benefits include improved mood and concentration and indirect benefits like productivity).

The New Plant Looks

The Remedy ​is all about remedial herbs and flowers overflowing in abundance, perfect for the greenie ready to fill glass bottles with homemade concoctions.

So French, So Chic ​brings a Parisian feel to any garden without the hefty plane journey, showcasing a selection of well cultivated plants, neat hedges and terracotta pots.

Dark Matters ​features layered and overflowing foliage, with plants that aren’t afraid of low light or the shade.

Bloomin’ Gorgeous ​incorporates bunches of bright Aussie natives and will warm up any garden, even as the weather is cooling down.

While these looks are great additions to the home regardless of the season, Georgina suggests treating your plants a little differently as we move into the cooler months.

Plants need rest too and like humans, seem to gravitate towards it during this time of year.

“Many plants will put on new growth in spring and summer and by the time autumn comes they’ll be tired and a bit worn out.

“They might be looking for a haircut (prune) and some down time. Most plants will need less water and fertilizer over the cooler months, particularly tropical indoor plants, so now is the time to take things a bit slower, plan your spring gardening bonanza and tuck your plants in for the winter!”

Plant Life Balance

To help bring the looks to life, Plant Life Balance, is also supported by the world’s first virtual greening app, incorporating the four new looks for users to try in their space.

The Plant Life Balance app asks Aussies to rate their space, then improve their health score by choosing a look for their room or outdoor area, grabbing a plant list and hitting the nursery.

Since the launch in October 2017, over 40,000 people have downloaded the Plant Life Balance app.

The app can be downloaded from the ​App Store​ and ​Google Play

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