Roar for respect!

November 22, 2016

Sometimes in this crazy, busy, nonsensical world I want to ROAR like a lioness.  

I mean how difficult is it to share common courtesy? Does it even exist any more?

Just last week I went for a job interview that had been scheduled for weeks.

To attend, I had to secure a babysitter and get ready amidst scattered breakfast cereal,
256 Hotwheels cars and tiny guinea pig droppings (don’t ask).

But I pulled it off, looking better than average in my tailored suit as I ran out the door, kids in tow to drop at the babysitter (who’d taken a month to find).

I had also rescheduled meetings with a current employer and freelance client to attend the interview. This opportunity was important to me.

Upon arriving at the designated address, I gathered my composure and approached the friendly receptionist, introducing myself politely and asking for my interviewer by name.

She stared at me strangely but I put it down to nerves (and the ugly cold sore that had appeared on my face overnight – thanks universe!). She politely asked me to sit down.

After a few minutes, a young woman in faded jeans and a t-shirt greeted me with a flimsy handshake and said “follow me”.

As we proceeded down a hallway she mumbled something about her colleague (who I was due to meet for the interview). “Joanna is away on leave and won’t return until next week, so I’ll be talking to you today.”

WHAT? I wanted to scream!!!!

Here I was dressed in my best clothes, having cancelled meetings, hired a babysitter, dodged guinea pig poo and more, only to be met by someone OTHER than the person who requested an interview with me weeks ago. Someone, who apparently was an Admin Assistant.

Excuse my French but WTF!

And to top it off, when I asked questions during our chat, she responded with this little gem: “It really would be best if you spoke to Joanna directly once she returns.”


Keeping my diplomacy, tact and politeness in check, I exited the so-called interview feeling FURIOUS – did I mention ROOOAAARRRR!!!!

Upon collecting the kids I spent a good hour ranting to the babysitter about the lack of respect and consideration in the world.

I mean, really!! How hard would it have been for the interviewer (of a well established organisation) to phone me to suggest rescheduling our meeting?

It was a complete waste of my time – and another lost opportunity. Finding employment is tough and regardless of my job-seeker position, I deserve RESPECT!!

EVERYONE’S time is valuable!

This sobering experience sadly highlighted to me that common courtesy has become lost in a busy world.

Surely it is okay to expect manners, consideration, respect and clear communication when dealing with others.

So who’s with me when I take a stand and ROOOOAAAARRRR for RESPECT!

A little common courtesy goes a long way. Let’s bring it back!

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