SAE Announces Free Screening Of Award-Winning Feature Documentary ‘Zach’s Ceremony’ During NAIDOC Week 

November 10, 2020


Critically acclaimed feature documentary Zach’s Ceremony will be screening  at SAE Creative Media Institute’s Brisbane campus for students and available digitally to the  general public for free on November 12th, as part of NAIDOC activities across Australia.  

Described by Adam Goodes as ‘a film that has the power to change Australian society’, Zach’s  Ceremony explores what it means to be a young man belonging to the oldest living culture on  the planet. The documentary was filmed over five years and follows teenager Zach on his path  to self-discovery in both the modern world and his ancient culture. 

Director Alec Doomadgee (Zach’s father) and Impact Producer Barbara Taylor will be at the  screening on November 12th, where there will be an opportunity for Q&A’s. 

Alec is an Aboriginal activist, a respected leader amongst his people and peers as a Tribal Lore  man and Warrior for the “Knowledge Keepers”. Alec conceptualised Zach’s Ceremony over a  decade ago.  

“The original concept for the film was to show the different world that I lived in; working in the  media industry, and then being involved with my culture.” said Alec.  

“As it evolved, naturally the camera turned to Zach. I figured if I could tell the story of our world,  our culture and ceremonies through the eyes of a child, mainstream Australia would let down  their guard and see the beauty of our people.” he said. 

Barbara Taylor studied a Bachelor of Film at SAE’s Byron Bay campus, and gained the skills  needed to succeed as a filmmaker. Her role as Impact Producer on the film was to think about  its impact, its key message, and its audience, and align that with strategies that enable the film  and its message to reach those people.  

“This skill, this platform, not only captures our current zeitgeist, it enables us to shift  perspectives and radiate a sense of inclusion that grows stronger every day. It gives minorities a  voice and a chance to be heard. That’s pretty inspiring.” she says.  

General Manager of SAE Australasia Matt Evans is excited to see SAE alumni leveraging the  creative industries for positive social impact in the community.

“We’re not only honoured to host the screening of Zach’s Ceremony, an important film that  highlights a powerful message during NAIDOC week, but also to welcome back one of our  alumni. We’re incredibly proud of Barbara’s achievements and are looking forward to welcoming  her and Alec to campus as they share this inspiring piece of work with current students and the  broader community.” he said. 

Zach’s Ceremony celebrates the beauty of Aboriginal culture and to empower emerging  generations to change the story to one of positivity and hope.  

This NAIDOC week, the filmmakers are inviting viewers to immerse themselves in Zach’s world  and see it through his eyes.  



Venue: Brisbane SAE campus 

Date: Thursday, 12th November 

Who: Alec Doomadgee (Director), Barbara Taylor (Impact Producer) 

Time: 2-4pm 

Eventbrite link: 



Trailer – 

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