That’s just not cricket

November 24, 2016

The She Brisbane team have been up in arms about the latest cricket saga and even one of them yelled out ‘It’s just not cricket’. But before we could move on, the more mature ladies of the office had to explain this saying to those 20 something team members which had us in stitches. Now moving on…

No matter how much the South African cricketers try to make light of it, the ball tampering saga involving their captain is nothing short of a disgrace.

All our top commentators and former cricketers have condemned the actions of Faf du Plessiss for using sugary saliva from a lolly to shine one side of the ball during the Hobart Test.

Such an intervention can lead the ball to what is called “reverse swing” which makes it difficult to hit.

The sad thing is that children watching the game would get the impression that such actions are OK. That cheating is OK.

It was good then to see the cricket authorities fine de Plessiss (they should have rubbed him out), although the smug South African continues to claim he was not guilty.

At least the Australian cricketers showed their class by leaving it to the authorities to deal with this smudge on the game.

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