The adrenaline rush of overtaking road trains

March 1, 2016

I would like you to think this was a no sweat effort but that would be a major lie.

This week while on my new country adventure—rural nursing, I experienced my first adrenaline rush. Yep, overtaking the road trains.

As I previously mentioned in my first blog I was about to commence orientation week in Roma. Roma is five hours drive from Cunnamulla and there are two travel options:

  1. From Cunnamulla via Charleville to Roma; or,
  2. Through St George.

Both options have beautiful scenic views throughout the drive. But the ultimate challenge when driving through these areas is overtaking the road trains.

This is what I’m talking about…

The road trains are large trucks that deliver goods to each town and consist of one to three carriages, travelling at a speed of approximately 100kms.

The conditions of the roads out west are mostly flat and are well tarred with only a one lane option. If you wish to overtake vehicles you must enter in the opposite lane with the possibility of ongoing travel heading about 100 to 115km/hr.

My first overtake in the Hyundai i20

I experienced my first adrenaline rush in my Hyundai i20 while attempting to overtake my first road train.

On my initial attempt I stayed about 40kms behind the road train because I was terrified of the oncoming traffic. After sometime the road train indicated for me to overtake him.

I took a deep breath, called on my stores of confidence and went for it—my little car passing this thundering beast. And I succeeded!
I would like you to think this was a no sweat effort but that would be a major lie.

Traffic and driving out here is completely different to Brisbane you need to consider animals- kangaroos, emus, flooding and timing.

Don’t trust the wildlife

Right now though, I have somewhat found my feet in town and am slowly going through the paperwork trail of starting in a new workplace.

My latest lesson was not to trust the wildlife. I almost hit an emu when coming back from Roma—a decorative emu on my bonnet wouldn’t do me any favours. Apparently they are attracted to the reflection of the car as I soon found out.

Many more adventures to come and blog about, until next time when I’ll tell you about orientation and my accommodation.

Chloe x