Waxing or Shaving: Which Is Better?

January 22, 2019

When it comes to waxing vs. shaving, this age-old debate has a variety of answers. For some, enduring the pain from waxing is worth it to avoid the risk of getting nicked from a razor. However, others would rather take the chance of a nick if it lets them avoid the occasionally painful parts that come with waxing. Whatever your preference, there are pros and cons for both methods. If you’re hedging on which body treatment to use, here are some pros and cons associated with each.

Costs of Waxing and Shaving

If cost is your primary concern, shaving is your best bet. Generally, razors and shaving cream can be purchased at numerous stores for very little money. However, if you prefer a waxing, plan to pay from $30-$100, depending on which salon you select and the areas of your body you wish to get waxed. If you want to learn more about the different types of waxing services and their costs, you can visit waxing Sydney CBD.


When it comes to convenience, most people who have tried both waxing and shaving agree waxing offers more convenience. As an example, when waxing Sydney CBD customers at the salon Beauty On Park St., those who undergo the process can likely look forward to hair-free areas for a minimum of three weeks, and possibly as much as six weeks. But for those who prefer shaving, hair grows back much faster, since it is cut at the surface rather than removed at the root.

Various Hair Types

If you are still trying to decide between waxing and shaving, take a few moments to consider the type of hair you have on your body. For example, if you have hair that is dark, coarse, or quite stubborn, waxing often produces better results and a smoother, cleaner look. However, if your hair is naturally fine and lighter in color, shaving often works quite well.

Bikini Areas

If you want a smooth, clean look around your bikini area, it is always best to go with waxing over shaving. Though it may be uncomfortable at times, the waxing will pull out the hair at the root, leaving a completely smooth look. For those who have tried using a razor in the bikini area, they are often less than thrilled, since they often get nicked or have razor bumps that are unsightly and uncomfortable.

Soft and Moist Skin

While both waxing and shaving will usually produce skin that is soft and moist, this again comes down to a personal preference. For some people, using shaving cream gives their skin the softness and moistness they desire, while others feel as if the various types of waxes used in waxing makes their skin feel wonderful.

No matter which procedure you ultimately choose, it is clear they both have various pros and cons, so keep these tips in mind if you make them DIY projects or visit a salon such as Beauty On Park St. for professional assistance.

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