Why do we have to make the Brownlow about us?

September 26, 2016

It’s not about who made the dresses or did our hair. It’s about the guys. It is their night to applaud the best performer on field for the year

I am super cranky right now because the Brownlow Award for the best AFL player for 2016 has been hijacked. But forget what award it is … it doesn’t matter whether it is the Brownlow, League’s Dally M or the Alan Border Medal, it’s not about the girls!

It’s not about what we wear or fashions on the red carpet. It’s not about who made the dresses or did our hair. It’s about the guys. It is their night to applaud the best performer on field for the year.

It is a tribute to the months of training, dedication, injury and stamina that results in one player being a stand-out talent, and they deserve to be acknowledged.

I know about this first-hand

Don’t interrupt my tirade to say that the women sacrifice a lot during the year. I get this. I was once a partner of a Bears/Lions player, formerly a Fitzroy player. I know what it is like when they don’t win.

I’ve been there when they have lost a game or been injured. I’ve spent many a night alone while they’ve been training or playing away. I lived in Melbourne with my partner while he played football, leaving our families and friends behind in Brisbane. I know about lonely and being a football widow. I was part of the Fitzroy family when we all hoped Paul Roos would win the Brownlow, and he didn’t – what a downer.

I get the role of the woman.

Being a journalist, I also worked in-house for three years with the Brisbane Bears as their marketer/publicist. That was three years when they were wooden-spooners and I would have sold my grandmother to get a good story in the newspaper. I was spat on once at a game that we lost at when playing at Carrara.

But you won’t convince me it is about the girls.

Women in league

If it is a ladies night, like the Firebirds’ Gala Ball and Award Night, or the women’s league, then you go girls. If they want to frock up and party and look their best, fantastic I’m all for it.

But this is not that night.

Let the men shine

So let’s just let the guys shine for the night. We don’t have to make this about us.

I can remember going to the Brownlow Award and a photographer asked me who made my dress. I had no idea; I bought it from David Jones. I did my own make-up and hair, we weren’t a consideration. Wow, how times have changed.

To the men who gave their all for the season, bravo to you. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – although I am quietly devastated that the Cats lost. Danger winning the Brownlow, will help my healing process.

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Helen Goltz
After studying English Literature and Communications at universities in Queensland, Helen Goltz has worked as a journalist, producer and marketer in print, TV, radio and public relations. She was born in Toowoomba and has made her home in Brisbane. Helen is the author of eight books and is published by Clan Destine Press and Atlas Productions. She is the original founder of She Brisbane.

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