with Faith Valencia-Forrester

February 7, 2016

I’m loving:

1) discovering secret gardens in most unexpected places in Brisbane;

2) training without the fake fitness inspo hype; and,

3) taking five minutes for an iced latte and not stressing about the life I’m living right now

Meet Faith: I have just started HIIT training with a group of women and men interested in health and living well. I hated the first six weeks but I ran 6km last week and now I’m loving it!

As for taking five minutes for an iced latteā€”I have been stressing about a personal issue these past few months and I have finally come to a place where it doesn’t consume me. I can enjoy little golden moments like these.

Faith Valencia-Forrester is a Brisbane media producer, journalist, lawyer, and mother of three who wants to be an artist when she grows up but isn’t very good at painting.