Best Bites Revealed At North Harbour Bite Markets

February 26, 2019

Bite Markets at North Harbour is an all new, customised and permanent street food market officially opening at 4pm on Friday March 1, marking a new dining adventure for the northside of Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Got a food craving? Look no further than Bite Markets at North Harbour! Starring over 40 Flavour Makers and bars in customised shipping containers, surrounded by landscaped areas in a fully fenced dining precinct, Bite Markets will open EVERY Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 10pm, celebrating local flavours and incredible dishes.

Best Bites for sweet tooths…
When the sugar cravings kick in, sometimes you just have to treat yo self! So, whether you are a lifelong chocoholic, an ice cream fanatic, or are donut obsessed, there is something for all types of sugar lovers and levels at Bite Markets! And this is just the tip of the sugary iceberg!

  1. Zoe’s Brownies: If you are someone who can’t go past the chocolate dessert on a menu, Zoe’s Brownies is for you! These delicious fudgey treats will be served up as dessert plates with ice cream and other sweet sides.
  2. Hypo Candy: Sugar central! Channel your inner kid and eat as much candy & fudges as you possibly can. Sugar high here we come! Did we mention…. Hello kids!
  3. I Love My Gelato: For the sweet tooths who are trying to cut back on too much excess sugar check out I Love My Gelato! Each flavour is made with as little sugar as possible .. all the flavour, none of the guilt!
  4. Dippin Dots Icecream: Fancy some science with your sugar! These tiny beads of frozen deliciousness come in 22 different flavours so there is bound to be something to suit the whole family!
  5. World Famous Funnel Cakes: See what all the fuss is about and join the party to see if you can win a free funnel cake with your dancing skills! It’s the best way to burn off those well-deserved calories.
  6. Mister Churros: The Spanish version of a donut, churros are crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside. Get them covered in sugar and dipped in chocolate or have them served with local strawberries!

Best European Bites…

With 50 countries in Europe, it’s no wonder there is such an array of tastes and styles when it comes to European cuisine. But one thing they all have in common is a dedication to authenticity and a passion for unique flavours! From Germany to Spain, here are some of the best European flavour-makers at Bite Markets!

  1. MITTE Berlin Street Food: Think crispy chips covered in mayonnaise served in a paper cone, freshly baked pretzels, ‘curry wurst’ (smoked sausage served with fries and slathered in curry sauce), home-made pickles, Oma’s famous potato salad, bratwurst, chilli knackwurst and cheese kransky, home-made rolls, sensational sauerkraut and onions. And apple strudel for dessert!
  2. Fresh Gozleme: The Turkish Street Food favourite, Gozleme (flatbread filled with various sweet or savoury ingredients) is sure to be a Biter’s delight!
  3. Don Quijote Paella and Tapas: Featuring a range of delicious Spanish food and flavours including different varieties of paella, empanadas (baked and deep fried), Chilean style loaded fries, Churrasco (Chilean style steak sandwich), Spanish Chorizo rolls as well as gourmet popsicles and a chocolate fountain for the sweet tooths!
  4. Na Pizzetta Organic Street Food: It wouldn’t be a food market without everyone’s favourite European dish – Pizza! As well as woodfired pizzas, Bite-goers will be able to get Sicilian Cannoli (homemade pastry shells filled with Buffalo Ricotta Custard and Organic Dark Chocolate Chips) and Italian soft drinks!
  5. Mini Dutch Pancakes – Poffertjes: The freshly cooked mini Dutch style pancakes (Poffertjes) are served with melted butter, icing sugar and maple syrup or freshly squeezed lemon. Or, you can mix things up a bit with toppings of Nutella & fresh banana.

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Bites…

Ten years ago, the food options for vegetarians and vegans were, to put it mildly, somewhat limited, but Bite-goers are in luck with a plethora of delicious meat-free options that even the most ardent carnivore can enjoy!

  1. Come on Mate! Gourmet Japanese: With delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine including everything from Teriyaki and Agedashi Tofu, vegetarian Gyoza, & vegetarian Japanese Cold Noodles (perfect for summer in Queensland), vegetarians will be spoiled for choice!
  2. September 18: With a vegan & vegetarian-focused menu, the team at September 18 has already built a huge fan base thanks to its popular North Lakes restaurant! With dishes like Veggie Ball Laksa and a range of vegetarian curries and noodle dishes, now the rest of the region will experience its unique take on traditional Malaysian & Chinese favourites
  3. Tibetan Momo Café: Vegans are in for a treat with these handcrafted Tibetan Momo (steamed dumplings). Available with a range of fillings (vegan and meat options), the Momo are made fresh onsite, beside other vegetarian Tibetan dishes, like Shallot Pancakes!
  4. Mr Bunz: Mr Bunz has been making culinary waves all over Brisbane with its signature bao buns and South East Asian-inspired meals. At Bite Markets, Brisbane’s northside will have the opportunity to sample the famed range which also includes a range of vegetarian options like martabak (flat bread), gado-gado (Indonesian salad), and Tahu Isi (stuffed, battered and deep-fried tofu puffs).
  5. Ravneel’s Curry House: The Narayan family’s curries are already legendary on Brisbane’s north and their vegan and vegetarian curries are packed with authentic Indian flavour! Whilst you are there, feel free to sample s all their other Indian favourites like veggie samosa, naan bread and onion bhaji!

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