Gina Liano … sense and scent-sibility

April 28, 2016

It’s inspiring to know that there are smart women like Gina out there, who are embracing every opportunity

Michelle Beesley caught up with Gina Liano in Brisbane city

My not so guilty pleasure on a Sunday night is popping the bubbles and sitting down to watch the glitz and glamour that is The Real Housewives of Melbourne. It never fails to entertain. Some love it, some hate it; but it is impossible to look away. The undisputed Queen Bee of the series is the fierce and fearless, Gina Liano.

Gina is unapologetically over the top. She loves sparkles, teetering heels, big hair, and lots of makeup. Yet, underneath this polished façade is an equally intimidating intellect. Gina is a barrister by day who studied long and hard to achieve her goals and this makes it very hard for the other ladies in the series to win an argument against her.

She has also used her profile on the show to embrace new career paths. Gina was one of the contestants on Celebrity Apprentice. She has appeared on Neighbours, launched her biography, Fearless, as well as having her own signature range of shoes. Gina has now brought her new perfume simply titled, Gina, to Queensland.

I went along to the Queen Street Mall for the launch of her perfume, which is surprisingly light and pretty. Gina chose all the ingredients and had the final say on the product.

Two fans paying tribute to Gina in the Queen Street Mall
She Brisbane social reporters, Jennifer and Michaela in the Queen Street Mall to see Gina!

I was surprised at the eclectic mix of people who had come along to get a glimpse of Gina and have their perfume, books and posters signed – mums, businessmen, glamazons and school students. Gina had time for everyone and the Gina you see on telly is the one you get … minus any swearing today.

When asked what was next, Gina says, “I’m creating a tanning lotion, make-up line and hopefully being signed again for the fourth season of Real Housewives of Melbourne.”

She has also signed on to play the wicked stepmother in the stage production of Cinderella, being performed in Sydney in July. Is there nothing this girl can’t do?

It’s inspiring to know that there are smart women like Gina out there, who are embracing every opportunity that comes their way and living life in a fabulously sparkly way.

Who do you admire for their pluckiness?

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