Launch of Parfum for Mind your Fashion

January 7, 2022

Mind your Fashion has recently held a launch for their new Parfum ‘Courageous’. A fragrance that has been created exclusively for Mind your Fashion by Niche Parfum House JAJI Parfumerie. This exclusively deigned Parfum symbolises courage, strength and a sense of freedom. It is an infusion of tender and comforting florals as well as fruits wrapped around exotic notes of oriental and citrus.

Mind your Fashion is a Not-for-Profit organisation designed to raise awareness and support those who work in the fashion and creative industries and experience Mental Illness. Mind your Fashion is the voice to bring about a much-needed change in the way mental illness is managed and supported in the fashion and creative industries. It has a corporate responsibility to ensure these changes are for the betterment of all who work within the creative industries.

Mind your Fashion was created by Jude Kingston, who has close to 3 decades experience in the Australian and international retail landscape. Jude has built a reputation as a formidable and sought-after global retail and fashion expert where she brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to her organisation and clients.

To purchase Mind your Fashion’s Parfum ‘Courageous’ head to their website at:


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