Meet John Wood From Senior Moments

July 6, 2018

John Wood has been a part of the Australian entertainment industry for over 40 years, earning him a long list of credits for varied roles on stage and screen.
His TV career was launched in 1976, playing “Sugar Renfrey” in the ABC TV Production of Power Without Glory, for which he won his first Logie as Best Supporting Actor. In the 1980’s he went on to star in the hit drama, Rafferty’s Rules as Magistrate “Michael Rafferty” which consolidated him as the well know and admired television actor he has become.

From 1994 and for the next 12 years, he played the role of “Tom Croydon” in Blue Heelers, one of Australia’s highest ever rating TV dramas. It culminated in John winning the prestigious Gold Logie in 2006, after 10 consecutive nominations as most popular person on Australian Television.

  • Senior Moments includes singing and dancing. Have you done much of this on stage, television or film in the past?

I’ve done as little as possible, but the Pirates of Penzance and the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are two recent examples.

  • How would you describe the Senior Moments revue?

It’s a fun funny 90 minute show for and about Seniors. Unfortunately I am now old enough to now understand all of the jokes.

  • What has it been like touring with the cast, most of whom you have known for many years?

It’s been great. Some of them like Max & Benita I’ve knowns for 50 years, others I met 8 months ago, so we have a good mix.

  • Any anecdotes from touring?

What happens on tour stays on tour. Nothing that can be printed in a respectable on-line publication like this.

  • What is the situation you most identify with?

There’s a sketch about trying to remember things, I can’t quite recall it, but I think that would be the one.

  • Your long and distinguished acting career has spanned television film and stage. Which do you prefer?

They all have their attractions. My favourite is usually the one that I’m doing at the moment.

  • What is on the horizon for you after Senior Moments?

More senior moments. We’ll be back in 2019!

  • Any plans for it to tour overseas considering the many situations depicted would apply to seniors all over the world?

All I can say it I’m already practicing my English accent.

Shows for Senior Moments are running from July 11th to 15th and you can get your tickets here! 

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