Meet Siobhan From “The Curious Incident”

June 18, 2018

#SheSociety had the chance to ask Julie Hale who plays Siobhan from the world renowned play and book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”  a few questions about bringing the story to life. Tickets to the QPAC shows which finish up on the 24th of June are still available here!


How does it feel taking such a loved book to the stage? 

Our responsibility as the actors is to play the play we have been given as honestly and truly as we can and it is an absolute pleasure to do this.

Why do you think the story is so widely loved by all? And what do you think makes it stand out?

It touches people on such a human level in all parts of life. Everybody at some stage has come across someone in the play they identify with – be it a son or daughter who thinks outside the box like Christopher – or a mother or father or other person in their life who has a child with an extraordinary brain.

People have waited at stage doors across the world to talk to each cast member and tell their own stories.

It is not like going to a normal play – it is a theatrical experience and you just don’t now what is going to happen next – fast and funny and touching

Following a huge sell out season in Melbourne, how do you feel to continue Australia wide?

We have just done Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing and of course are now here in Australia for this tour and it’s remarkable. This show touches people no matter where they are from.  It’s incredible and I believe rare in a production to know that going out there every evening you are going to get the same dynamic response!  Australian audiences have a great sense of wit and comedy and get a lot of stuff easily which makes it even more fun.

What can people take away from the story? And what can people learn from it?

I think people leave with their eyes open to difference and we all become a lot more tolerant in the way we go about our lives.  A sense of hope and an understanding that life isn’t that bad after all.


Julie Hale trained at the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, at the HB Studio, New York and at the Impulse Studio, London. Her work in theatre includes Whisky Galore for the National Theatre of Scotland; Cured at the Arches, Glasgow; Old Times and Love in the Title for with London Classic Theatre; LovechildCeausescu’s Ear and Pericles for Gerry Stembridge; Sunshine Boys at the Gate Theatre, Dublin; Exiles at The Friends of the Italian Opera Theatre, Berlin; Canaries on Irish tour; Abigail’s Party and The Gingerman (also Irish Arts Centre, NY) at The New Theatre, Dublin; and Red Roses and Petrol at Irish Arts Centre, NY. TV includes ShetlandGarrow’s LawCrashTroublesBlack and WhiteRiver City (series regular), Fair City (series regular) and Black Day at Blackrock. Film includes My Left FootAsh WednesdayWCWhen Brendan met TrudyFlickBobbie’s Girl and Bloom.

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