Tel Aviv… one of the best places I’ve visited

March 3, 2016

I experienced dining right on the beach, and it remains one of my greatest memories of our trip

I kid you not, Tel Aviv—a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast—is hands-down one of the best places I have ever visited.

We stopped by for a few days at the end of our trip around Israel – after visiting Jerusalem, Nazareth, Rosh Pinna, the Dead Sea and more. It was a great way to relax and finish up our trip. You can see all the photos on my blog, but in the interim, I’ve narrowed it down to:-

Five things to do in Tel Aviv:

1. Hit the beach
A visit with Tel Aviv has to come with a visit to the main beach… or, let’s be real, a few visits. We discovered unlimited cafes and restaurants serving drinks and food in the sand! It was the first time I have ever experienced dining right in and on the beach, and remains one of my greatest memories of our trip.

One of the most endearing things are the ice-cream sellers – walking the beach end-to-end yelling ‘arctic, arctic!’ and keeping customers cool while they chill.

2. Run
I hit the running path that extends the beach right down to Old Jaffa. It was great people watching, a good 5km circuit and amazing landmarks to enjoy along the way. There’s lot of green spaces and wide paths to run, walk and cycle right next to the ocean. Awesome.

3. Eat! Felafel, pizza, 25 salads, fish, whatever and bring your dog!
Whether you’re after a quick felafel, quinoa salad, mega pizza or fish accompanied by 25 salads, Tel Aviv has it all. Dogs are welcome when dining, and the food is tasty.

An Israeli friend recommended we hit Old Jaffa and head to a restaurant, a little out of the way, called The Old Man and the Sea. This meal begins with a side of 25 salads. Yes, 25 salads.

4. Indulge in a latte
Lazily wandering the beach boardwalk and sipping on extra hot coffees is a good way to people watch, enjoy the sights and learn to chill in Tel Aviv. Their coffees were similar to what we enjoy in Australia, so we made certain to have a few cafe dates before jetting home.

5. Visit JOJO
I fell in love with Jojo’s artwork while in Tel Aviv. We brought back a wall hanging of birds for ourselves, and two more for family. They package them up beautifully so they transport on the plane in one piece and they look simply stunning hung up at home. I didn’t take any snaps of his gallery, but click here to vist their website and see the pic of the sculpture we returned with – Three birds in a row!

What I learned in Tel Aviv:

  • Drive as little as possible. The number of one-way, confusing, narrow, outrageously frustrating streets is unimaginable.
  • If you’re crossing the road – cars don’t tend to stop at pedestrian crossings to let you go, so you need to show some initiative. Locals just walk straight out and hope for the best, ha ha! I always waited for one of them to lead the charge, so I knew it was safe.

xx Pie.

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  1. Got to say I would never have thought of going to Tel Aviv, but it looks amazing. Thanks for broadening my horizon’s Pie! By the way, where did that name come from 🙂 ?

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