Two Man Tarantino

November 30, 2018

“That’s A Bingo!” Two Man Tarantino, part of the Wonderland Festival, is showing now in the Visy Theatre at The Powerhouse. SheSociety were lucky enough to be invited to Opening Night where we have never laughed so hard. There were all your favourite lines, car scenes, dance sequences, music , shoot ‘em ups and hilarious comedic moments. The sold out crowd were absolutely howling with laughter by the end of the show. Written by the talented and very witty Christopher Wayne, the show tells of the last night in a video store where a customer and member of staff decide to re- create the entire Quentin Tarantino catalogue. From Reservoir Dogs to the classic Pulp Fiction through to The Hateful Eight, all your favourites and more are live in this hilarious and energetic performance.

The Show

In one side splitting and funny hour talented actors- Stephen Hirst , the video store owner and Emily Kristopher, the customer, re- create Quentin Tarantino’s entire filmography in the most creative ways- from Reservoir Dogs to The Hateful Eight, and everything in between. In this show every  item is a prop and every audience member is a cast member, and every film is covered. Whether you are a fan of Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown or my favourite Django Unchained you’ll see favourite car scenes, hear familiar lines, experience iconic dance scenes, as well as remember the quirks that make a Tarantino film a one – of – a -kind.

Emily Kristopher
Stephen Hirst

Wayne describes Tarantino as, “ a modern genius, who is now acknowledged as one of the most exciting film makers in the world…. He creates gobsmacking content , and that’s why Two Man Tarantino was created – to pay homage to the master – while also lamenting the day the video store died.”

I’m with you Christopher, our Saturday afternoon activity when the boys were growing up was trawling through the local Video Ezy, finding just the right movies for everyone. First the drive-ins, now this, I wonder what will be next?

Christopher says, “The show is my love letter to the relationship that we all had with video stores. Trying to pick the right movie, the snacks, ringing ahead to find out if the movie you want was there…..all of those memories are special, and this show brings that experience back to life.”

To see one of the funniest shows around head to The Powerhouse this weekend. It’s only showing until December 2, so be quick! “I’m Serious As A Heart Attack!”

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