Being single all year round

February 13, 2016

What better way to show the love then to have some quality time with the girls

Photo: Nikola Pešková

So you’re not a ‘couple’… trust me, I have spent many Valentines Day’s in the state of singledom and I have to say, sometimes they are the best ones. What better way to show the love then to have some quality time with the girls.

Here’s some of my favorites single girly activities to do any day of the year:

  • Have a Netflix night
    Snuggle up on the couch with Donut Time and pick movies or TV shows based on the spunkiest leading man and the most amount of shirt off action. Magic Mike would be at the top of my list. What’s your?
  • Dinner and a movie, with a sneaky glass of wine or two
    Let’s face it, boys never want to be dragged along to The Notebook-style chick flicks anyway. Plus its never attractive having mascara smeared eyes after a soppy movie on a date.
  • High tea
    Dress in your Sunday best and act like a real lady (for once) with high tea at many of the amazing cafes we have in this great city. Indulge in yummy cakes and French pastries with the girls. Nothing says love more then dessert!
  • Redballoon
    Scour redballoon for something you have never done, or never thought you would do! Make an amazing memory with some great friends and step outside your comfort zone. Make sure you take plenty of pics for Facebook proof. Sky diving anyone?
  • Pamper session
    Go to a day spa, have a mani pedi or just relax at home with a glass of wine and a mud mask. What better time to have some R&R and get ready for the week ahead.

Got any ideas you can share with the girls?

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