Ways To Reignite The Spark In A Passionless Marriage

November 20, 2017

You know what they say about young love and your spouse giving you butterflies in your stomach or making your heart beat faster or when you cannot go for two hours without talking to each other because you think you will die. At some point after the infatuation face and the honeymoon face, reality checks in. Perhaps because of the familiarity between you and your spouse and things may start becoming a little stale and dreary. In most cases, the couple may still be in love but the monotony in the relationship maybe unbearable causing them to separate or indulge in unhealthy behaviour that might lead to worse circumstances. Situations like separation and divorce because of lost spark in a marriage can be avoided by reigniting the lost passion and here are some ways on how to do that.

Always Stay Intimate

When you start acting like brother and sister in a relationship. Undisturbed by whether your spouse still finds you attractive or not. You no longer feel the need to impress and often you let loose. The woman stops wearing the lovely lingerie she loved wearing when the relationship was starting out, and the man now grows hairs almost everywhere, and he stopped paying attention to proper grooming. When your marriage hits a friend zone on this level, you know you have got to get your freak on if you intend to keep your union. You could achieve this by practicing more self care routines. For a woman, you could do regular Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles, to jog or to run, to eat healthy and drinking plenty of water. For a man, staying proper, good hygiene and grooming could be helpful. Go out of your way to do spontaneous activities together like getting a weekend away from the work and the kids and spending quality time. While at it, make sure to have steamy lovemaking sessions that help you rekindle your intimacy.


Talking about it may sound cliché on a level, but most of the time the solution is in speaking. Avoid keeping secrets from each other and solve problems as they come instead of bottling things in and later exploding with dead issues. However when reigniting the spark in a passionless marriage, letting go of past problems or issues that would cause unnecessary strain in the relationship can be a wise option. Forgive each other and act on a height of empathy for one another as you reignite the passion.

Discovering each other in a new way

There are many ways of learning your spouse all over again. You could start by finding a new activity that you both enjoy and doing it together. Pay close attention to your spouse and rekindle the fire by being more affectionate, you could kiss or hug them when they least expect it or buy them a gift or fresh flowers on a busy day at work. Going on date nights like you just met could also help reignite the spark. Constant affirmation of love to your spouse helps in the re-connection.

In a marriage, separation or divorce as advised by Prime Sydney lawyers should not be an option; instead, the above steps could help you in your journey of bringing that spark back.

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